Saturday, July 11, 2009

Skousen on Obama's International Incompetence

Barack Obama has never held down a day job in his entire adult life. Not so much as a lemonade stand since the day he was born.

What on earth is this man doing negotiating with the savants at the Kremlin over nuclear disarmament? They are going to run mental circles around this clown with their eyes closed. These guys are the cleverest, most cunning KGB agents in the history of the Soviet Union and Barack Obama is the best leadership that the Kwanstain could come up with to represent them? It's like shooting fish in the barrel. Obama is bringing a BB Gun to an artillery war. Aside from the fact the guy cannot speak off camera without a teleprompter, what does he know about nuclear brinkmanship in the year 2008? Nothing at all.

Obama's people were trumpeting what gains he made in talks with Russia. Meanwhile behind his back the Russian media was laughing at him and his wife like they were hosting a pair of shaved apes. The widespread consensus on the Obamas in Russia is that they are childlike people, perhaps fit to clean houses or mow the lawn, with supervision.

The only thing worse is the American media repeating these fictions the Obama press releases created and parroting them back.

All of these Kwanzanians are doomed to perish in the near future.

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