Friday, July 24, 2009

Robert Felix on Clovis Diamond Layer

This is such a great introduction to the clarity and elegance of Robert Felix's ideas. I recommend you read this short essay if you have not read his new book yet.

The basic problem in his opponents is that they can't think. Professionally speaking for their situation, there is almost no way you can fake it. You can go to college for sixty years and build up one piece of paper after another with a wax seal on it and a ribbon hanging off it. At the end of sixty years, you still won't be able to think. Such things are either genetic or else predetermined at such a young age they might as well be genetic. The problem with all these other guys, the reason I give them such low credibility ... is that they can't think - and Robert Felix can. I can see this in the first few sentences of either article. The author betrays himself in both instances.

Thinkers are specific. They communicate information as either conclusions or else as inquiries. Everybody else is ambiguous. They communicate subverbal emotional states based on group consensus which is always disassociative in nature and never seems to have any real semantic content. You can usually tell in the first paragraph which camp the author belongs to.

Of course, recommending you read his essay and think about it is futile if you're incapable of reasoning yourself. The truth is, we could say that people who cannot reason are magnetically attracted to other disadvantaged people like themselves. Others who are also unreasoning seem more logical to those who themselves cannot reason. Since they cannot consider a man's arguments, they have no choice but to seek whoever appears to have the consensus. This is why they are always wrong, about everything.


Lev Sinestra said...

I follow Vault-Co with some regularity and appreciate the author's take on events. I looked up "Robert W Felix" and cannot find credentials suggesting that Felix knows something about climate and such. Felix appears to be a hypnotist without a scientific background. I acknowledge that I may not have the facts however. What is Felix's expertise?

Texas Arcane said...

My entire post contradicts your question. That was the point that I was making.

Think about what Robert Felix is saying. Don't worry about who he is, what his credentials are or what fraternal societies he is a paid up member of.

Thinkers reason. Everybody else wants to know more about the person, not the idea. That's because they can't think. It's impossible for them to do so.

If your biggest interest is in what his credentials are I would not bother reading anything he writes. Robert Felix can reason.

There's a fellow named John Ott who decided to study the effects of light on biology about thirty years back. No formal qualifications. He did the research in his garage with his own lab. His research remains in the present day the only solid research and inquiry into the subject beyond the level you'd expect of a child. Other writings on light and biology appear to be the work of people who have never done anything other than crude thought experiments in their own heads. These people often present themselves as "experts" on the subject. It's a living. Beats mopping floors.

Anonymous said...

I suppose John Titor was real too ??

sumptos devil s advocate said...

Lev Sinestra,

That is the opposite of the appeal to authority argument.


My 2 questions about those nanodiamonds:

1) By what mechanism would a magnetic reversal cause nanodiamonds to form?

2) If a magnetic reversal caused these nanodiamonds to form, then should there not be a layer of them spread evenly around the earth? (If yes, then what evidence is there of that?)

Anonymous said...

Diamond and hydrocarbons are produced synthetically in the lab with controlled explosions.

This layer of nanodiamonds is spread evenly around the earth. This fact is really irritating the sorts of people whose answer to every question is "a comet did it."

I highly recommend the purchase of Robert Felix's new book. All will be explained there.

Anonymous said...

SDA and Lev,
Unfortunately you can not find out much about Felix on the web. Even Felix's own web page does him a disservice. His books are, however, very well researched with about 5 varifiable claims per page with references from main stream scientific literature. His style of writing shows evidence of his lack of formal training but he keeps his inferences and opinion identifiably separate from his quoted facts.

The nanodiamond layer is in the geological era seperation layers, most notably the K/T boundary. This layer existed all around the world but has eroded through or been washed away in areas without the structure to keep it in place for millions of years. Places that are rocky or have had shifting sands will have no signs of these boundary layers.
I don't believe the reversals "cause" the diamonds to form but they already exist in some strata beneath the earth and are expelled by volcanic action brought on by the magnetic reversal.


Lev Sinestra said...

Point well taken. Reminds me that Charles Lindbergh, known as an aviator, made significant contribution to the development of the artificial heart. Also recall reading that if Plato were a grad student today his "Republic" would not earn him a PhD