Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here's what they'll be eating

For seven years on Vault-Co we've been contemplating possible fuel sources for the hunter-killer 'bots that will feature in World War III.

Turns out the brass have come up with a solution.

They'll eat you.

All of these things are a result of the way the human unconscious works. It's not the fault of the 'bots. They are dead lumps of metal. Think about the human scientist, descended from a million years of cannibal apes, who somehow concludes the most logical fuel source would be eating corpses. It makes sense to him. If aliens landed, they'd wonder what in the fugg was wrong with people who could think of no other fuel source for a robot. It only makes sense to human beings who are mostly insane as a rule. You have to see the world through their lunatic eyes and from that perspective it all fits together. Otherwise it's just plain crazy.


Anonymous said...

Psychopaths. The real upside to nuclear war is EMP.

andyboots37 said...

If a robot tried to eat me I would just punch it in the head.

Monstertruck hit&run said...

What if it didn't have a head, Andy? You're better off kneeing it in the testicles.

stonefruit said...

Now they are saying it's a "vegetarian."