Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Globowarmthinkery is Religion, Not Science

We've been saying it since 2002 on Vault-Co.

Meanwhile, while these idiots around you argue over whose farting cows are melting the most glaciers, there are cracks appearing in the Earth's magnetic field of apocalyptic size and duration.

All the people staring at the sky and gasping at what is for them a mysterious fireworks display overhead remind me of those people in Independence Day who cluster on top of the building and wave signs reading WELCOME TO EARTH E.T. right before the laser cannon opens up on the bottom.


Anonymous said...

Btw. do you follow Lyndon LaRouche? Recently he has overtaken you, and LATOC and I think everyone else with 100% pure doom.

See e.g.

He basically says the US will be finished this autumn.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

These graphs suggest that a process of global cooling has not gotten started, and that the world still remains near a few-hundred year peak for warmth.

Anonymous said...

Professor Ian Plimer sums it up like this..
`Eco-guilt is a first-world luxury. It’s the new religion for urban populations which have lost their faith in Christianity. The IPCC report is their Bible. Al Gore and Lord Stern are their prophets.’

sumptos devil s advocate said...

Anonymous said...

Whats your view on HAARP experiments being the cause of the problem with the magnetic shield?

Texas Arcane said...

Read Robert Felix's book.

HAARP has nothing to do with it. That's just another anthropocentric delusion. Even schizophrenics tend to focus on other human beings as the prime movers of the universe, just as do the people in the society they inhabit. All of them are sorely mistaken. Man is acted upon. He is the prime mover of nothing.

This happens at 12,000 year intervals.