Tuesday, July 21, 2009

France Burns, Decides Best Course of Action Is To Outlaw Reality

Kiss France goodbye. HYAR BE DRAGONES.

All beautiful losers now. The only role left to play on this sad stage.

Anyhoo, I was thinking about it today. It really was a brief shining Camelot, this thing called Western civilization. It lasted a little while. Then it passed away. Everything that is too successful carries within it the seeds of it's own destruction. When it wanted to become empire, it withered away. Nothing is permanent and the most beautiful and sane things are the shortest lived of all if we are talking about human beings. The bad drives out the good. Mankind is a cesspool and it's the biggest crudest chunks that float to the top given enough time. The best men die and are trampled underfoot by simpletons who will soon starve without them. Everything vulgar, brutal and weak easily overcomes the rare and strong through numbers. Keep that in mind - I will return to it at the end of this post.

Perhaps the planet will roll on into the darkness with the hooting of mindless apes and no end to swift crotch-grabbing and be-bopping. Then the lights will flicker one last time and go out.

Or not. Maybe something else altogether is getting ready to happen. Maybe it happens all the time, which explains why we're still here. Something very big, too big for man's tiny chimp brain to altogether grasp for the most part.

Maybe we'll just close the hatch and set a while when the time comes. Maybe we'll just hunker down while these critters fry.

I have a very important question for you.

What is the driver of spontaneous equilibrium? No, don't say it doesn't matter. It's a very important question. Has to be something. What is it? After a long time of pondering this question, I think I know now.


Anonymous said...

No matter how sane it might sound, when the data on which it is all based is as skewed and manipulated as this one can only come to one conclusion.

Texas Arcane said...

Except there isn't a sentence in that article that is true. Not a one. I can assure you, George Monbiot made up that entire article from the comfort of his home. He didn't trace any paper anywhere and he didn't call anybody. The world's glaciers are growing according to every single scientific body on Earth except the First Israeli Typing Corps Science Department. That's why there is no comments section on that article.

In recent years, globowarmthinkers have turned off comments on all their pages. They cannot stand feedback, it is obvious in seconds they are a tiny minority who keep making the sound of a majority. Nobody is buying the paper anymore and nobody is buying their crap anymore.

See any comments section? Wonder why they can talk to us but nobody can talk back to them? That's so nobody could debunk that article in about three paragraphs.

Texas Arcane said...

Your problem, anon, is cant but no cunning. You are therefore an easy person to engineer ideas in using faked consensus. Almost all ordinary human beings are easily controlled this way. That's why the majority is always, always, ALWAYS wrong, whatever the subject is.,25197,25349683-601,00.html

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Face it, it's the depravity that bother you the most, not the AGW.
The kleptocrats will never all agree on a suitable playing field for carbon trading so with a bit of luck they can divert their own attention with their squabbling until the snow starts.
I've read Felix's books and agree with him. AGW exists but will be easily trumped (but when?). Explain your ideas on DDay:2012, is it just the Mayan calander or do you have other signs?


Anonymous said...

An unrelated question Tex, but what would you recommend seeing in Germany? Anything civil defence related?

Texas Arcane said...

The Mayan calendar has no significance at all for me. The only reason I consider it ominous is that it is the same date of what was projected to be the last solar maximum with any force back in the 1940's. You have to ask, how would the Mayans know that? What are the odds the two dates would coincide?

Since then, volumes of information have come my way and the more I have learned about paleoclimatology and paleohistory I have realized that there is no way that could be a coincidence. It's not the Mayans that have been warning us something is going to happen in this year, it is the past seventy years of scientific inquiry.

Then, just when I thought I knew it all (it's the end of the interglacial, I thought, was the ultimate secret) I went and read Robert Felix's new book. I realized I had been reading many things over the years and missing the connections between them until Felix spelled them out for me.

Texas Arcane said...

Germany is chock full of Cold War era civil defense everywhere you look. Check out the subway system to see the dual purpose shelter design.