Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Doomer Pile-On ... Everybody Sounds Like Vault-Co Now

This will be a worldwide depression. No kidding. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Earth clearly on the brink of a sudden return to an Ice Age climate

EPA Not Interested In Real World In the Slightest

Summer arrived finally in Britain, Proof of Global Warming Say Globowarmthinkers

UK Begins To Snap Out of Coma It's Been In For Twenty Years

What was Paranoid Raving Ten Years Ago Is Now The In-Your-Face Reality

The Process Of Turning Everything Into A Lie Didn't Happen Overnight

Man is Not A Learning Animal

Spinning the deliberate release of a virus into an "accident"

ZOG monster promises itz coming soon


andyboots37 said...

I truly have to say that out of all the sources I scan, Vault-Co was the only one I read that boldly declared a coming ice age when it had chicken little credibility to do so. More and more it's looking like this is the case.

Sadly, I must confess I was in the gallery of eye-rollers.

Kudoz for having the acorns to put it out there babe!

Always keep an open mind.


Anonymous said...

Tex, you might find this especially heinous. Obama just gave away 300(!) congressional gold medals to surviving female fighter pilots from WWII. In a single day, he gave away more congressional gold medals than have been awarded in all of the USA's history reaching back to Washington. For reference only 3 medals were awarded immediately following WWII and only to generals.

sumptos devil s advocate said...


Check this out:

Anonymous said...

Hello Tex. Can I ask how your underground permaculture plans are progressing? Particularly your plan to house food production in 3 domes.

Anonymous said...

Some of the people at the Free Republic think that Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate may not be legit and that Putin may have proof that it is not and is using that as blackmail:

If that's the case, the U.S. would be in a world of hurt.

sumptos devil s advocate said...

There are criminals referenced in the article below, but some would mislead you regarding their identities: