Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VAULT-OS : VNC Remoting For DOS!!!!

I have little DOS ICA clients running on my Sentry so they can remote from the server ... but would you believe it is possible to remote in from the server into DOS?!?!?!

Indeed. Very, very impressive program. Like Carbon Copy or PCAnywhere for DOS except it fits easily onto a floppy and is free open source.

This program is great to spy on the Sentry running POWERBASIC from the Windows NT Server without interfering with anything at all.

I am incorporating this into my paradigm now because it's so awesome. At present the Sentry is crashing if the connection is broken but I think there is a smooth way to get around that and recover without a reboot.

I was running my IPX as an interrupt driven program in upper memory but that won't work with both of these installed. I may put the IPX code down into the program or try to hook it to a multitasking loop so it can co-exist with Tiny Host.


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