Sunday, June 7, 2009

They're turning on one another!

This is such a good sign. It's like when the Nazis turned on each other and began volunteering to testify against each other.

Opie's virtual reality matrix nightmare - the whacky world of an unmarried childless aging lesbian feminist

Oprah has previously been inviolate. It was one solidified front of madness and nobody would laugh at the Emperor's New Clothes. Oprah has squealed her psychotic lunacy on the airwaves for over ten years and not a single word of criticism has ever been levied against her. She is without question no better than any Druid fury during the Celtic era in terms of her general irrationality and Dionysian insanity.

Winfrey's eerie psychic three-ring circus of horror

This is truly promising news in that it shows the mass media oligarchy is starting to disintegrate. Once they begin to eat their own it shows you how hungry they are getting and how badly their circulation has declined.

Oprah's whacky world of Zimbabwe-style medicine

Perhaps reality is going to come crashing in on the sheeple like a tidal wave, far too late to do them any good at all. They're going to suddenly awaken in a cold sweat and realize they live in a third world swamp in the middle of an apocalyptic currency collapse. That ought to be an interesting moment.

Most noteworthy of all ... this vicious pogrom by the media elite was given the green light the instant Oprah strayed into questioning the official story about 9-11 on her show. After years of protection and closed ranks, Oprah was shoved out into the cold faster than Rosie O'Donnell. She must've gone too far this time.


zwick said...

They live? What?

Solsys said...

Alas, Tex, the problem is not the content (Oprah) but the function. TV is merely the new form of the problem. As soon as people prefer to believe what they hear rather than what they figured out themselves, anything is possible.
Oprah is the modern version of that gossipy patronizing ultra-provincial old hag every village used to have.

Somewhere very early on in the area of mass media (XVII century ?), some smart people noticed that even while being fed the truth, people who sat passively receiving it were unable to process it and thus to master it. To these people, proving or disproving Global Warming doesn't make any sense, they'll listen to the nicest messenger.

Survivalism has just the same disease : what someone needs to do and how he should do it is to his own discretion. Any attempt to give general advice will degenerate into such infantile, partisan debate like .45 ACP vs 9mm.

Actually, it's the way society functions. I always wondered why, as early as mankind mastered fire, they would bother with a medicine man, and then with priests. it's because most people are unable to grasp the whole picture, while a good many of them has suspected there is a general scheme of things they ought to know.

That's what priests are for, and nowadays that's the role of TV. People who can sort it out by themselves were always a puny minority, and the least socialble of all, since precisely they don't share the *common* language. Society isn't about the truth, sadly, but about being able to work together.

This is why any instrument of "knowledge" diffusion will always be (mis)used to give out a *common* knowledge to passive listeners.

sumptos devil s advocate said...


I hadn't read that Oprah had a show on 9-11 truth; where had you read that?

Anonymous said...

Can't stand Oprah but truth is truth and they're telling the truth about the vaccines.

Texas Arcane said...

I think they're right about the vaccines as well and Oprah just jumped on the bandwagon. The internet first-think adopters have known about vaccines for a decade. Oprah thinks being the one to tell the sheeple makes her the rebel.

andyboots37 said...

It's like the last person getting on a lifeboat from the Titanic saying "I think we got a rupture!!!"