Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Kwa is Fragmenting Into Pieces

Nobody is watching Conan O'Brien. Who would watch him? Who is left, anyway?
Are there any two people with shared interests left in the nation formerly known as America who would tune in?

The Tonight Show was an institution where a homogeneous, european culture of people with common identity and context came together each night for fifty years and laughed together as one big family they didn't even realize they were in.

Kwanzania today is just a 3000 mile wide Balkans of invaders, most of whom are too simple for any humor more sophisticated than fart jokes and guys in bee suits running around hitting people with a bat. They wouldn't understand the Tonight Show ... or Steve Allen ... or Johnny Carson.

Sheeple brains trying to think in Britain, with mixed results. Watching these doomed idiots argue over the definition of "bad" is just like watching the band members shift deck chairs on the Titanic. Hey fellas ... it's a little late for all this. Honest. A little late. It is like Thelma and Louise soaring off the edge of the Grand Canyon in their cadillac and Thelma turns to Louise and asks "Was I supposed to brake back there?" It's a tad late for all that. Trust me. It might have been a tad late back in 1992 when I realized what was going on. As for the year 2009 ... it's just a waste of time to talk about any of this. I only do it for the humor value alone.

A ceramic jug dropped off a building is diverse when it hits the pavement. That's multiculturalism. It's "our strength," by being broken up, disintegrating and sold off for best offer to foreign nationals. See that? No? Well, just keep snoozing because it will all be over soon and you won't have to waste time trying to figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tex. I have the chance to emigrate to New Zealand next Spring from the UK. Clearly it's a better place to be than the UK, but is it a suitable place for a vault?

Having looked at ice cover from the last Ice age I think I can avoid that, but much of NZ still has volcanic activity.

I do hope I can make an escape before the UK implodes.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll be right if you scarper to NZ by your spring.