Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm still nuts ... because I had the poor judgement to draw these conclusions a decade ago instead of just this year when it was so obvious that my dog could've started a doomer blog ... and these guys are still the respectable orthodoxy ... because they showed up when the conclusions were foregone and pretend with great confidence and assurance to be the farsighted ones.

Pandemic in a borderless world without quarantine is a certainty and soon.

Well, given that I am nuts - we have established that - will you listen to another one of my predictions?

Neurotic girly-men who have too many testicle-busting endocrinal disrupters in their water supply would like nothing better to put this very immediate situation into the far flung future a few decades hence so that they could continue to make believe it is business as usual.

Well, it isn't. They're just effeminate and scared of the natural consequences of their own ideas.

This isn't the crisis of 2020 or 2070 or 2100. Truth be told, the average human being is a coward who can't cope with much reality at all. They do this all the time because problems right now are like, icky and stuff.

This is the crisis of 2009. It may not be apocalyptic for another year. Or another couple of years.

Either way, nobody gets off this ride until somebody pushes the turbo mode button. There isn't going to be a rebound of the economy. The Fuhrer has no secret weapons. There is no miracle 11th hour save from these problems. They have built up and accumulated to the point where nature insists they will provide their own solutions since humans have done nothing but pick lint from their navels, watch spectator sports and utter beautiful platitudes. That means it will run it's course, just like a fever ... only this fever ends with Cobalt-60 laced doomsday weapons poisoning the atmosphere and ruining the topsoil indefinitely.

Plan accordingly and don't believe these idiots when they tell you that you will be able to shop peacefully until 2020 before you have to think seriously about it again. 'Tis a ruse ... but surely you have deduced that somewhat or you would not be here.


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andyboots37 said...

Very true. Even Jack Van Impe has a "cutting-edge hit piece" on the NWO. The weirdest thing is that his info is pretty much accurate.

Why now?

People like this didn't know these things all through the Bush and Clinton administrations? It's like all this was exposed with President Soetoro's installation? All of the sudden the underground has become the mainstream?

Next week they'll shock the world with a startling revelation that it was JFK's driver who murdered him.


trueaim said...

Sometimes I feel a little complacent, then I read Vault-Co and I don't feel complacent anymore.

sumptos devil s advocate said...

sumptos devil s advocate said...

Anonymous said...

If Cobalt-60 is used in ww3, how do you plan to survive long term? Is there any hope beyond extending your life by 20 years living underground?

Do you have a plan to resume a form of agriculture on leaving your vault?

sumptos devil s advocate said...

Chesterton said...

Nice book review on Ice Age Now.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1:44

This blog has never been about anything but surviving decades underground if necessary during a cobalt salted nuclear war. It was that kind of blog back in 1998 when it started. It has never been about anything else.

Many newcomers visit, click on a few links, misunderstand most of the things I have written completely, then proceed to posit questions I answered a long time ago.

Whatever is on Vault-Co, it isn't conventional paradigms at all. I don't say that as a marketing claim to impress people. I say it because the paradigms on Vault-Co have nothing to do with conventional thinking at all. 90% of the assumptions the average person would make about what I am saying would be wrong.

Anonymous said...

A decade that you've been doom blogging? A decade ago I bought my first book over the 'net: "Surviving Y2K"! Ha!
It arrived with about 3 months to spare ( and told me nothing new).
I recon to sell it for memorabilia to those who want to reminice about the good old days when we only worried about the computers stopping working.