Monday, June 15, 2009

Almost Time To Weld The Hatch Door Shut From The Inside

Food was fun while it lasted ... but as Robert Felix pointed out, it will be the first canary in the coal mine when a new Ice Age is approaching.

Summer as a season was also a barrel of monkeys but that's done now

North Korea - China's nuclear armed mad dog

N.K. seems to think this won't end with a song by Smurfs and Rainbow Ponies

Missile shield leading right up to the doormat of World War III as Vault-Co predicted it would almost ten years ago today

Where the Kwanzans are going, there ain't no coming back from

"Operation Blackjack" ... this is really creepy stuff. Really weird. I don't even know what on Earth these guys are doing anymore.

What is it about the illuminati and ferris wheels near water? I dunno. They love it, they seem obsessed with this imagery.

June 22. Also mentioned by Joe Biden a while back as a date on which Obama would be challenged by a major world crisis. The illuminati must've discussed having Biden killed more than once. The guy can't keep a secret thirty seconds after he gets out of a confidential briefing.


Enigma said...


I have enjoyed your posts.

I truly wish I had a vault to climb into with my crewe, too late now!

andyboots37 said...

When the UK telegraph is publishing an exhaustive blow-by-blow of how the events will unfold; you've got to believe Biden is giving a heads-up to the lower-level initiates. Him letting the "cat out of the bag" would be a relatively small "blunder".

A cornucopia of drills going on now. This could make 911 look like a dime-store vandalism.

Rom 10:9.

Alex Supertramp said...

June 22nd 2009 involves Israel. Take it to the bank. The recent election in Iran did not go down well.

Anonymous said...

"N.K. seems to think this won't end with a song by Smurfs and Rainbow Ponies" - ROFL

Anonymous said...

That slide show is extremely disturbing. It's either a message from or a rather tasteless joke by someone who knows their NWO symbolism quite well. You'll recall that there were quite a few prescient films and tv shows and the like before 9/11, too.