Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sheeple Can Only Display Adaptive Reactions

Like bacteria moving away from a light to shadow where it's cooler. Bacteria then begin to display a preference for that region of the petri dish if the light is left on. That's not learning. That's an adaptive response.

Notice how they are the ones who are changing their reality paradigm but it's still the former survivalists who had it all wrong, you see. Those kinds of people are crazy, yet they seem to be adjusting their own outlook to coincide with those who saw all this coming a long, long time ago. Now get out of my way while I fight over this bag of rice at the supermarket. Just don't confuse me with one of those nuts.

These are the sorts of folks who just come up to me out of the blue nowadays and say "You ever consider this could all end up pretty badly? Have you ever thought about the implications? There could even be a world war. You probably built your shelter without ever thinking about this stuff, you just built a shelter because you're paranoid about other stuff. But this stuff is like serious and thangs. No, really, Tex, you should try to think about the future more often because you might even need that bunker of yours and whatnot and what have you. Did you ever realize that?" They just stare at me with big glazed peepers and you can see the semi-conscious neural mud inside of those brittle domes shifting around. "This could be like serious and stuff. You might even need that bunker."

The truth is, man is not a learning animal. Only genetic mutants like me can learn and even then it's not a perfect process at all. The average human being can no more learn than they can fly. It's outside their biological repertoire. It makes me laugh when I hear people talking like Oprah all the time about how they learned this and that when it's clear they have never learned anything about anything after the age of five years old. It is impossible for ordinary humans to learn. They display crude adaptation responses but that's about it. Abstract reasoning, projection into the future tracing the consequences of current trends more than ten minutes ahead in time is just outside their capacity. They talk a good game but they can't do it.


LustInBlack said...

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

You can cut it how you want, whether it's an inability to learn or behavioural programming. The end result is a population that can't associate cause with effect within any sort of framework of understanding.