Saturday, May 2, 2009

Panic Merchants ... Preparing Public For What?

Somebody is trying to give a heads-up to the elite that it's coming

This is way too much excited gibberish here for a handful of deaths in Mexico. Ordinary influenza kills more people in any given week. Is this bug designed to combine soon with another?

Something is super-fishy about all of this. Keep your powder dry.

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zwick said...

Follow the money. Those Tamiflu stocks for the Avian flu of 2005 were set to expire this year. Millions of vaccines that would have to be destroyed. If you check Google search about how many people die in the US of COMMON-EVERYDAY flu you'll see that it's 36,000 dead. This phony flu will sell all those about to expire flu shots to the Government, and maybe kick-start a little bump up in the economy with panic food buying and sales of N-95 masks (from Lowes or Home Depot) and bottled water. I think the main point of this B>S> is to enrich Big Pharma, thus lining the pockets of Dick Cheny and Don Rumsfeld who own considerable stock in the companies that make Tamiflu (IE: Roche, etc.). Meanwhile, since there is (and never was) a real terrorist threat, this keeps the sheeple on edge. Oh, by the way, how many Americans have died of this new "outbreak"? One little Mexican kid. Most that got infected are just told to stay home and drink plenty of liquids. A non- event, unless it's to seed the population for something that will be a REAL-Deal deadly Pandemic this fall, that's based on this strain. We'll see.