Friday, May 15, 2009


Doomsday machines, both public and secret, waiting for their cue all over the world.

NK-China-Japan Death Cage certain to be a barrel of monkeys soon enough


Anonymous said...

The first article is 3 years old, the second six weeks old.

Calibrate your calendar.

Texas Arcane said...

Calibrate your brain. The article was not linked because it was recent but because it was relevant.

If it didn't happen yesterday it must not be important.

Anonymous said...

Well,Anon 2:19pm,here's something that is from yesterday.The is spending $7.4 million on a makeover of their "continuity of government" survival bunker,in Canberra.I suggest we all finalise our plans for "continuity of us".
Chris from Sydney

trueaim said...

Anon. $7 mil, the Canberra boys are finished, they're out of they're depth on this one. I agree we will be working out our own continuity...