Saturday, May 30, 2009


What are the odds?

Ask yourself, what are the odds this phenomenally abnormal solar activity would just happen to fall on a date that has been surrounded by whispers of prophecy for thousands of years and would turn out to be the bitter end of the interglacial cycle?

What are the odds?

Our ancestors were trying to leave us a warning. They knew something we currently don't understand. Perhaps we will very soon.

I've been getting ready for this since 1998 with some kind of inner assurance I will never be able to explain. I've just known. Like those animals who make for higher ground a couple hours before the earthquake.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the above yet? Volcanic activity?

Anonymous said...

Not a comment on your 2012 article but a link that shows your ideas are going more 'mainstream'.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes, but you were getting ready for Y2K for three years and then nothing happened also. Get over it Tex.

Texas Arcane said...

No, I was never getting ready for Y2k at any time.

As proof, I offer posts I made on Vault-Co, Aussurvivalist and Gary North's site the day before Y2K telling them that Y2K was the biggest sheeple fap in world history and that absolutely nothing of any kind would happen unless it was New Year millennial terrorism, which was the only thing I was preparing for.

You made up a straw man, gave me a point of view that would enable you to prove me wrong, then corrected me. Unfortunately none of that has anything to do with what I thought.

I remember quite a few people at the time thought I must be getting ready for Y2K ... I'd try to explain to them the thing to worry about was terrorism worldwide at Y2K as part of the Mahdi teachings in Islam. "Yeah, right," they'd say, then their eyes would fog over. Kind of complex stuff for them. "Hey, Cleve's worried about Y2K!" they'd tell the next person that walked over.

Sheeple can never really understand anything.