Saturday, April 4, 2009

The World You Thought You Were Living In Never Existed Outside Of Televitz

Brilliant commentary on the fate of naval carriers in World War III.

What have these guys in the navy been doing since 1963? Nothing much, really. Tooling around in big floating targets scaring the bejesus out of developing nations. In the next war, these things are going to seem as ridiculous as the French riding horseback towards German machine gun nests with feather crufted hats. People will shake their heads. What the hell were they thinking?

World War III will change a lot of perspectives for the survivors. This is what rang true about John Titor.


CadorBolin said...

The purpose of the Navy,” Vice Admiral John Bird, commander of the Seventh Fleet, tells me, “is not to fight.” The mere presence of the Navy should suffice, he argues, to dissuade any attack or attempt to destabilize the region.

I haven't read war nerd in a very very long time. His stuff is very good--it reaches a sublime level from time to time and this is one of these times.

There is a lot of overconfidence in that above quote and it's only backed by the 'kwa's nuclear missiles.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that if China hit a carrier we would not hit shanghai with a sub based nuke?

M.A.D. still works against the big countries.

A flock of Muslims in Cenesa's taking out a carrier? Give me a break - They'd never make it past the dozen or ships that circle a carrier.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon with the Cenesa's ...

Van Riper proved ths strategy works quite well - the US military promptly ignored that fact completely.

China has the same ICBM capability as the US, they just don't have the same number of nukes we do. I would guess that is being remedied as we speak.

In any case, we in the West are destroying ourselves. The Chinese just need to sit back and watch - and they are very very good at waiting.

They have been the largest nation on the planet for millenia now and yet they never embarked on any empire building outside their own borders (unlike a few other countries I could name with 700 military bases scattered around 150 different nations), altho they easily could have conquered the world had they chosen to do so.

You need to do a little reading of history.

At some point, the American way of life will have it's back against the wall - primarily thru financial collapse and oil shortages and the US will try to solve the problem militarily.

I doubt if that will end very well.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think that if China hit a carrier we would not hit [mainland] with a sub based nuke?

Instead of withdrawing from China's sphere of influence, the U.S. would begin a nuclear war against a modern nuclear power when it has never in its history taken the risk of attacking any nation that has an atom bomb, even just one antiquated atom bomb? If it did, New York would be a guaranteed successful hit for China, Washington, D.C., bye bye, and so on. It might happen if the U.S. leaders wanted to get rid of a dozen million liberals back home in addition to their fancy buildings in Washington. Or if China wanted to get rid of them. But it would be even worse politics than using your own carriers as ocean bottom decoration.

zwick said...

The military always prepares to fight it's last war. Before WW2 the Navies of the world thought the battleship was the ultimate weapon. As the war nerd says; we have a perfect navy to defeat the Imperial Japanese Fleet. The threats are evolving, but the stogy military brass wants their big, expensive toys. Like we would ever need a 300 million dollar a copy aircraft to fight a guy with an AK-47 hiding in a basement in Bagdad. The idiots spend a couple billion dollars on a aircraft carrier ( the US has ELEVEN carrier battle groups)and all the support ships to go with it, while our soldiers and marines suffer with a piece of shit M-16 ( a 45 year old design). You can call that rifle a M-4 and hang all that stupid crap on it, but it's still not effective, certainly not as effective as a AK-47. But small arms ain't sexy! Carriers and fighters are. Sorry about the armalite rant.

Texas Arcane said...

No, actually, you're spot on Zwick. It makes me simmer every time I think about the U.S. Army being forced to fight with a Hasbro toy for the past fifty years. Nobody knows for sure how many lives the M-16 has cost over three wars it was used in but you can bet at least a thousand soldiers died pathetically beating on that "forward assist" lever they added to try to pop another piece of jammed brass out of. Any guy with a well maintained AK-47 could kill a dozen U.S. troops fighting with that piece of sh*t.

The mistakes made by the peacetime Army are paid for in blood by the men who have to join in wartime. Except the war coming up, it will be too late and too expensive to learn anything but how a nation dies.

Anonymous said...

ye of little faith. politicians are such honourable folk-

they'll fix the worlds problems, just wait and see. doubter.