Friday, April 10, 2009

What Happens During Magnetic Reversal?

Why on earth would diamonds rain from the sky during an extinction event 12,000 years ago at the same time massive radiation was pounding the earth's surface? What on earth could possibly provide a scientific explanation for this remarkable discovery?

If you read the article at the link above, you'll find that the ultimate conclusions of the people at that meeting were :

1. We're not smart enough to understand this and we're not well read enough to have touched on Robert Felix's books, so we're going to toss out our usual Deus Ex Machina about comets. Everything is explained by comets when you don't really have an explanation.

2. They don't have a theory to predict this. There is only one author I am familiar with whose work anticipated this startling discovery before it happened and that is Robert Felix.

3. Something really, really, really bad might be getting ready to happen in the year 2012. Really, really, really bad.

Ten years ago when I started work on the shelter system, a highly disseminated scienmajific study had declared to the entire world that a magnetic reversal was a harmless event and would not result in what used to be a foregone conclusion for about a hundred years : The earth would be baked in the equivalent of a microwave oven topside. I ignored that study and designed my shelter to protect it's inhabitants against hardcore gamma radiation pouring down in nightmarish levels for weeks, months or even years.

Recently the scienmajific simulation was conceded to be absolute hogwash. Imagine if I trusted the popular consensus. Luckily I trusted my own judgement and did not stop to consider if people thought I might be a madman. At the time the notion of a person building a shelter with this much radiation protection in Australia on the Gold Coast was sheer lunacy.

At some point you have to decide between your own reason and the armies of Oprah Winfrey.

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