Saturday, April 18, 2009

The West Turns Out To Be A Glass House (Just like we've been saying for ten years)

The British have started to realize the implications of all this hollow rhetoric when the reality of the situation begins to dawn on them. You cannot build a stable society on Oprah Winfrey sentiments and platitudes. You can't eat them when you're hungry, for example.

Amerikwa is declining as rapidly as predicted by Vault-Co. Everybody else got a surprise.

Economic collapse? You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until you see the debt instruments that begin to fail by middle of this year.

The funny thing about it is that most of the other people who saw all this coming were either communists or living in formerly communist countries. Maybe these people know when the wood is rotten and the house is ready to fall.


Anonymous said...

The headline is very aesthetically satisfying:

Chavez Says U.S. Empire Will Soon Fall, Calls Bush 'Devil'

Reminds me of another piece of news about some proposed EU stimulus packet, which, according to the news report, had also received some criticism as well, such as the Czech President saying it was "the road to hell."

sheek said...

Your nigga Keyes has a new speech:

zwick said...

I was going to wait a little while longer here in the 'burbs before I bailed. It's quite the show here in CT.The real effects of the collapse haven't touched most of the dumb bastards here because this is such a rich state. Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport are tinderboxes soaked in multi-culturally diverse napalm waiting for the spark. It sure woulda been fun watching all these no-nuke, no guns,affirmative action loving liberals fall shrieking into full panic mode, but, alas, I think I'll start packing up and mosey on out of here. AMF!

Anonymous said...

Another treasonous plot: