Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terminators For World War III Nearly Ready To Go Into Production

Do you know what Vault-Co was telling you back in 2003? Well, mainstream media is announcing it in 2009 like it's news.

UPDATE : The Media Pretends To Get It, Long After It's Old News On Vault-Co
There are probably scarier ways to die. Being tracked and exterminated by a machine sent from a nation far across the sea would have to be up there in the top ten, however. Remember, it will be easier to program them to kill anybody than to kill only certain somebodies. You think human troops commit atrocities, wait until you see what these machines do in WW3. They'll be dropped in quadrants and told to eliminate anything inside that grid square. Those will be their only standing orders.


Anonymous said...

If you have not read yet, Hal Turner has posted the following:

Make of it what you will.

zwick said...

These machines handily solve the debate over "will American soldiers and/or policemen shoot food rioters?" I thought the argument was answered in the whiskey rebellion, the civil war, the bonus marchers, etc. Of course they will kill you. Otherwise they lose their jobs. But these machines are the cat's ass! They will deploy sonic weapons, gas, and machine gun fire on the crowds with no guilt, no shame, no retribution. Of course, men are cheaper- real cheap in a depression- but, doggone it, the terminators are cool toys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex : here's a new one for you :


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