Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Simply Awesome

This thing that we're in is so far beyond the comprehension of the leftwing brain that if they ever even caught a glimpse of this reality it would almost certainly cause their tiny brains to explode inside their skulls and leak out their ears.

Their tiny ideas and their tiny world, humanocentric socialist crapola. They have no idea where we are, what is really going on here and what this is all really about. None at all. They edited the maps of Russia after their coup to make it look about a quarter of the size it really is to try to avoid people snickering at them behind their backs. The very notion that a central body of mostly unemployable losers who have never even been able to manage their own lives could conduct this massive social engineering on a broad scale to manage the lives of others. The secular leftist mind is fail. Sitting on committees and discussing which sentences should be modified to avoid offense. What absolute zeroes, the leftist collectivists. Less than nothing.

The secular Bolshevist brain fails the first test. It never even makes it onto the next question. They don't get it. They don't know what is happening here. They are misfires as human beings.

They get angry because there is always the danger of everybody else suddenly bursting out loud laughing at them, roaring at them for their ridiculously schizophrenic gibberish.

Carbon molecules from farting cows are causing the poles to melt. Paying off the losses of failed banks with the fake paper money that got them into this mess will avoid their collapsing. Do you have any idea what all this stuff sounds like to me? Do you, honestly? I would be shocked if it turned out you did. I wish you could come over here inside my brain and listen to this stuff with my ears 24 hours a day.

Do I have to stay here? I want to look at Aldebaran from space. Is this really all there is? Why do I have to be stuck with these chimpmanzees and listen to their idiocy? Isn't there something better and higher than all of this somewhere?

Well, there was. The Founding Fathers in the United States reached for it. These renaissance geniuses tried. The laws that govern the ascent and decline of civilizations had to get them in the end, though. Once the botched and the bungled outnumber the ones who can walk and chew gum by fifty to one, there's no system of government that is brilliantly designed enough to plug that dike. It's a tsunami of moronic feeblemindedness that all abstract concepts on paper are utterly helpless against. Out with freedom of speech. Out with the right to bear arms. Out with habeas corpus. Out with freedom of association. That sort of stuff is the first to go once you have a large population of "people" who think professional wrestling is real.

Once average IQ started to creep down around 96 in the West, the whole enterprise was a lost cause. Nothing can fix what is wrong there. You just have to be ready to ride it out. Spectacular collapse, this one is going to be. You will be living in interesting times, bet on it. You can almost smell that Russian Doomsday box warming up those ancient vacuum tubes.

Without power and force, leftists wouldn't otherwise be worth noticing in the big scheme of things. They don't add up to much of anything at all. They are like the emptiness between the stars. They are bipedal voids.

" .... as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority."

Right, like the actual legal documents of the United States, that limit the government to mere regulation of interstate commerce. So you're just making your own kind of rules up on-the-fly, word of mouth as it were. You're in direct contradiction to the laws that govern America.

"... a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration," the warning says."

Maybe because a nation does not exist without borders and a homogeneous population, if not as a race then at least culturally. Of course it can't have a population if it is legal to kill babies before they are even born. All the Founding Fathers would agree unanimously on this subject, the problem is if they were here now they'd be firing twin automatics with banana magazines knee-deep in spent brass shells, so they would likely be unable to hear the question over the roar of their guns. So if you cupped your hands and yelled to Jefferson, he'd just politely wave you off as he pulled a grenade pin out with his teeth and chucked it at the roof of the Capitol building. You'd have to wait until much later to get a proper answer on the subject.


Anonymous said...

It is clear that soon, everyone who is not a sycophant of the sociopaths in power will be declared as terrorists. These creatures that infest governments are becoming afraid as the majority of people wake up to what has happened to their society.

Three thing will be implemented soon to protect their position of power and restrict it to their own kind: A large "terrorist attack" followed closely by massive restrictions on the internet and a large war.

I think the last thing surviving a full scale nuclear war won't be cockroaches, it will be sociopaths who have stolen money from normal people to provide themselves with safe havens from the disaster they are about to unleash.

Those surviving vault dwellers will have to have methods of identifying and dealing with sociopaths that crawl from the government bunkers in the aftermath. They will be disguised as gooders dispensing crumbs from their tables.

Anonymous said...

show a little pity will ya. this is their big moment in the sun, the time when the garden of ignorance gives up its bounty. it is wrong to mock them now, discompassionate even. the ridicule was for the time when they gave up their rights, asked permission, allowed vile creatures to control the armed and dopey, turned away from the doctrine that built them up. have pity, and hide.

Anonymous said...

Sycophant? No, well prepared for all possibilities but choosing their preferred route.
I don't think we're going to see nuclear war. Instead, the "patriot movement" will "win" this round and we'll see the Balkanization of the US as states "stand their ground" and secede from the Union. Unlike Lincoln's times, the US government will acknowledge the Constitution and not stand in the way.
Why else would we see Governor "Gardisil" Perry suddenly become such an ardent admirer of his constituents' voices while the phrase "the elite" has suddently become mainstream (on Faux News of all places!!)?
So while we're all congratulating ourselves on winning against the evil "O" government, we'll also be providing identification at each state (oops,country)border - something that could NOT have been accomplished otherwise.
Meanwhile, tracking and monitoring will continue under the auspices of "private businesses", which will of course cross those new international borders.
Until someone sweeps up each little principality in a grand game of Risk.
Got papers?
I prefer WWIII outright. Like Heinlein said, "If you can't avoid a tax, pay a little more to confuse their records." If the focus is the destruction of the US, let's make them work for it right away. Let's all get behind our government and demand our rightful place in the NWO. Because if we do, they'll have to play "inter-national debt" card that we haven't a prayer of paying and bomb us back into the stone age.
But it'll confuse them, it'll take a little longer, China might change her mind - and our survivors will still be Americans.