Monday, April 13, 2009

Send Me Back To 1940 With A DVD Player

If we had a time machine and I could take a DVD Player, a knapsack filled with modern magazines and some rap music CDs, you could send me back to 1940 and I could change the course of history in six hours. Just let me wander through the trenches for a few hours showing them what Britain would look like in the year 2009.

Millions of soldiers would throw down their arms and defect to the German side, take up arms with them and march on their own nation with the intention to overthrow the government and replace it with a Nazi occupational authority.

Don't shake your head. You know damn well it's true. You know it would happen just like I said.

All it would take is foreknowledge. If those soldiers knew what would happen to Britain after the war, they would have welcomed the Germans with open arms.

Frankly, I think both sides were nothing but bastards, including the Germans. If Britain had lost to Germany and been invaded, it is possible to imagine things might be far better today but it's hard to conceive of them being any worse.


zwick said...

Oh no, Tex, this time you're wrong! The average Tommy would have been proud to fight and possibly die so England and English culture could be assimilated with Indians, Paks, Africans, Jamaicans, and Arab muslims of every stripe. The British soldier would certainly been delighted at the thought of their rosy cheeked grand-daughters giving birth to generations of brown critters. And the 1940's man would no doubt be in complete agreement of the changes in age old English law favoring both the immigrants and whatever stone-age or dark-age customs they happen to bring along. One item that might confuse the 1940's Britisher is the 2009 fascist surveillance state in England, with gun prohibitions,and state interference in every aspect of their lives. Wasn't that what they were fighting against in 1940?

CadorBolin said...

I'd just bring one DVD and tell the soldiers that they're fighting for Brokeback Mountain.