Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prepare For a Very Bumpy Ride Ahead

So much news I've seen in the past week makes it obvious there is total disconnect out there.

This is going to go very badly for most people. Most of them don't know it yet. There's not going to be a recovery any time soon. What's even more amazing, even those of them who do have a clue don't realize what happens to nations during severe depressions. World War happens.

Barky is still pushing the Pro-Kenyan economics platform but nobody is listening.


Anonymous said...

no good news will be forthcoming. politics attracts the type of 'people' that are wrong for the job, expecting them to offer a sensible solution when their recent history proves their inability to function on many levels is like asking foxes to provide for the wellbeing of poultry in their care.

looking at the feedback on many forums it appears that a small handful of yanks may be ready to fight, having had their veils torn asunder recently- hopey changey man etc, but to what end? and for whom, the public? many will soon be dead but too often the perps remain unscathed. look at the OLD money, vatican/monarchy, etc. untouchable. war and suffering is not for them.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this today. Looks like the commercial real estate crash is ready to go.

MOCHA said...

Ben Bernanke said he was witnessing "tentative signs that the sharp decline in economic activity may be slowing".

What does that mean? That instead of losing 500,000 in a given time period that only 400,000 will be lost instead?

There were several dead cat bounces and supposed "signs that the worst may be over" after the 1929 crash. But by 1933, unemployment had hit 25%.

Funny eough, by using the same methodology to measure unemployment in the 1930s and you apply it today, the real unemployment rate is around 15%.

The fudging of the unemployment and economic numbers by the Ministry of Plenty is catching up with the elites--like a thief in the night, the budget deficit went from a 'manageable' $400 billion to almost $2 trillion overnight.

I'm not sure if this is Great Depression II, but just like the economic collapse of the USSR when that country's fundamentals appeared to be sound on paper, we're starting to see a similar collapse of the 'kwa.

Will the multicultural 'kwans accept economic collapse meekly and quietly? Poor people tend to become criminals (explains why brown people, having less IQ points than whites/asians who cannot make it in an economy are a premanent criminal underclass).

Giant bongo party up ahead.