Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poor Little Sheeple Queueing Up The Slaughterhouse Ramp To Their Doom

They encourage the drones to keep shopping whilst above their heads, the superpowers are attempting to leverage a victory in the third world war, making the most gruesome plans imaginable for a nuclear war of such magnitude it would astonish most science fiction writers.

I was talking to a guy at the food court today who just spontaneously launched into a short soliloquy about what he thought World War 3 was going to be like. It turned out he envisioned something similar to World War 2 except the Chinese as the Nazis and some of the lame plot elements from Tom Clancy novels thrown into the mix for good measure. It was a wild, demented fantasy that could only be produced by a mind so utterly freakin' out of touch with the real world it practically had it's own planet to itself. His deranged vision had Australia providing air, naval, communications and logistics support while the U.S. rained nuclear fire over the whole Chinese mainland. He explained that America "might see" some nukes hit at their Western shore. If the Chinese "got lucky." As if China would be the only one fighting in this Clancy-style "war of the future."

He was telling me about the awesome Battlestar Galactica of missile defense, how it would intercept anything the Chinese could get off the ground. I didn't bother telling him what Vault-Co has been saying about BMD for ten years.

"What about us?" I asked, "Do you think we might see some action here in Australia?"

"Oh no," he said, "All of this stuff will be taking place far, far away from here. We won't see any attacks on our own soil."

(No interruptions in cappuccino service of any kind, natchurally)

I took another sip of my cranberry frosty and just stared off into space as he described the magnificent victory the U.S. and Australia would preside over, having leveled China down to bedrock with no casualties of their own.

Other people is like having a televitzer device follow you around with biped locomotion.


CadorBolin said...

Notice that Obama the peacenik hasn't renounced ballistic missile defense--only used it as a tool to get Russia on it's (well Israel's) side regarding Iran.

trueaim said...

How about some Chinese water torture followed by their all time favourite pain max technique - 'death by a thousand cuts', see the Chinese don't like to kill quickly, they don't practice blitzkrieg, it's not their nature, they prefer to increase the level of pain and discomfort over long periods of time whether it be economically or war same methodolgy employed.

sheek said...

"Don't underestimate the Jap..."

Bodders said...

I thought you'd stopped going to those Aussurv meets Tex!