Saturday, April 11, 2009

Man is Not a Learning Animal

No. Isn't. Quit clinging to false hope.

Men in declining civilizations have never learned anything and never will. They are incapable of learning anything after the age of five or thereabouts. Only the tinest handful of genetic freaks can learn anything at all after they graduate from adolescence.

Learning is something that occurs in the beginning, when a civilization is fresh and new. When it is dying, the book of learning for the people is closed.

The huge falling away from Christian faith of the past twenty years is not due to an increase in human intelligence, new information, new insight or better perception. The decline in Christian faith is due to a staggering general decrease in intelligence, reduction of any information to work with, no insight into anything and nonexistent perception.


Anonymous said...

The same could have been said at any time in history, with respect to any religion."The break-away from Shamanism was not the reflection of increased intelligence, societal maturity, technological advancements etc. but a sign that in fact the opposite held true." Religiones, just as legal systems lag behind the development of a given society. In Christian religion, Israel & the mediterranean are at the center of things. The religion grew to become enourmously powerful in a world, whose economic center of gravity had shifted towards the north-west. Technology, of course, has an important role, to play, too. Miracles, like a man walking on water and the like, simply do not cut it any more in today's world. Knowledge about the Bible may be important in cultural terms, philosophically and spiritually what is said in this book however remains unsatisfying to most people with a critical and independent mind.

Texas Arcane said...

Anybody with a critical and independent mind would have concluded a long time ago that the ascent of our society and the specific development it has taken is due entirely to this phenomenon of Christianity, especially the original form of it which was Calvinist as an outgrowth of Luther's rebellion against Catholicism.

Without it, it will be hard to exercise your critical and independent mind if you are dressed in rags and pushing a shopping cart filled with baby meat through radioactive ruins and realizing too late just to what extent the Christian paradigm was maintaining our civilization. You don't realize it but you make it obvious you are not acquainted much with the truly savage nature of mankind that you believe it is merely a matter of personal taste whether we keep this foundation or not.

People both with and without faith who possess real analytical brains would have figured out by now that the pillar of our existence is based on this gentle and undemanding religious framework and anybody who claims they can just yank it out from underneath Western civilization like a tablecloth and leave the candles and silverware standing is kidding themselves.

I saw during the L.A. Riots that the common man has no idea of what sort of beast is busting to get out of the cellar with mankind. If you understood it, you'd want to pile any kind of mythologies or constraints you could against the door.

When I was an atheist I believed ethics could be divorced from religion but as I got older and became a better thinker, I realized that this is the folly of a young man who is better at congratulating himself on how clever he is rather than really striving for the truth.

When the Christianity goes, I advise you to be prepared for the worst, just like you were dynamiting the supports columns beneath your own home. There is nothing holding that thing up but platitudes and sentiments once the Christian afterburner fumes wear off ... and they are almost gone now. All that remains in the wake of that loss is the law of tooth and claw.

But watch and see for yourself.

Nicolai said...

Damn, this is like that thing Cleve talked about

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say about what we are in for when our social value system collapses entirely during an acute crisis of confidence. Yes, these values were originally founded on Christian belief but they were later modified and refined many times over (reformation & renaissance, French revolution).

The "European Miracle" and/or the "American Dream" can and naturally must be associated with Christianity, but I doubt that there is a causal relationship between the two. Geostrategic, political and social factors are sufficient to plausibly explain why Europe experienced its meteoric rise from 1500 onwards.

Whenever a society collapses, there is much pain and confusion and the less palatable human behaviours and individuals will rise to the surface. This has always been the case, whether in Rome, China, Russia or here.

That Christendom in itself represents no 100% safe barrier against (organised) cruelty of even the most extreme kinds has been proven time and again, not least in Martin Luther's birthcountry.