Sunday, April 12, 2009

The 'Kwa's Plummet Is Only Beginning ...

America is Destined To Be Argentina North

Unemployment is only beginning ... Vault-Co's target predictions in 2005 will soon prove to be optimistic.

What happened to the globalist paradise and Fukiyama's "End of history?" The Red Chinese are going back to marxism.

The Mother of all Famines is approaching

Social Security about to crater big time, just as libertarians always told us it would

The great falling away that is to come before tribulations

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zwick said...

I enjoy reading the comments from the original articles. In the comments on the social security disaster, one clueless poster proposed an idea that might work (in his dreams) and said that should hold SS over until the next "Bush" type comes to power to mess it up in about 25 years. I hear that alot from people, that confidence, that expectation that Amerikwa will continue like it is for 25-35-100 years. If your children and/or grandkids are VERY,VERY lucky,then in 25 years they will be poking through the rubble of what once was cities looking for metal that they can fashion into spear points.