Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vault-OS : ThinkBoy recognizes me on camera!

Using example code as a guide, I got motion tracking for video from any input source running last year in C#. I have been using this as my basis for platform orientation and IF laser pointer spotting in the experimental setup in my study.

Last night I was able to stream the genetic memory of Thinkboy to a 4GB compact flash card set up as the second IDE controller between runs of the system and Thinkboy is able to distinguish my face from my wife and children easily. If you read the documentation for the AForge AI open source library you will find ample support for serialization to any storage medium. I was having to train Thinkboy each and every time I booted it up to recognize my face, so it wasn't much use to me until I got it's brain onto an archive device. I have nicknamed the general AI system for Thinkboy (which is really nothing more than the applied code I leeched from AForge AI) as "Integrity" to describe the serialized brain on disk. So if you want to support "Integrity" in your version of Vault-OS you'd do well to set up a separate, atomic instance of a storage device to maintain it so you don't have to share this kind of data with your base cut of the code on your boot flash.

The real frontier for me is gesture recognition and I have been reading the docs of AForge to try to figure it out. I'm starting to get it and I have confidence now that training in gesture recognition won't just be an interesting exercise as a novelty now that I have figured out how to serialize Thinkboy's AForge brain to storage between runs. I have been running the image recognition routines in a separate worker thread and this seems to operate perfectly with the MS SAPI (Speech API library) without a single hinch in performance. My bottleneck in the past was running the COM port control of I2C together with SAPI and getting hideous degradations in performance with more than 1 i2C device online being polled. I seem to have this problem licked now, too, although I have yet to package it all in my little orange box and run it concurrently - I2C network, Speech Control, Visual recognition. That's a big milestone in and of itself. Previous tests were on my P3 board at 233 mhz .NET 1.1, Thinkboy's current board is now a VIA-GPC running at 1 Ghz, which should produce some nice results. I am offshoring the actual monitoring of the CCD cameras to another device with an IP server so this should allow ThinkBoy to concentrate on what it is supposed to do best - THINK and direct everything else in the Vault-OS system.

My baby is going to be uber-win when it is ready for primetime. It's going to be the OStest with the Mostest.

The Apocalypse Trifecta

That's what we called it ten years ago.

The media is screeching. "Hey! Like ... there's like a lot of bad stuff ... like ... happening at the same time! It's like ... a lot of trouble all at once! It's like ... we hit the apocalypse trifecta or something! Whoodathunkit?" This proves they are edjumifacated. They get paid to write down the blatantly obvious years after it is public knowledge everywhere else but the media.

Boneheads, you'd have to be legally blind not to have seen this pileup coming a long time ago. Once we realized there was another Ice Age coming way back in 1998, that clinched it for us. Too many troubles at once for a feeble, senile multikult like the West to possibly cope with.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Stay alert. Something is up. This is too coincidental. Seriously consider protection against exposure to this bug. It looks to be a biowarfare three-way join between the avian, swine and human flu which just appeared out of nowhere.

UPDATES Sunday, April 26, 2009:

Fears of a global epidemic

Mexico cancels public events of any kind! TSHTF! Martial law coming for Mexico?

Is "Captain Trips" out of the bag?

World Reeling From Financial Depression Cannot Take Another Shock

This thing was made in a lab!

These dopey media people could not predict sunset with an almanac at dawn... but they've been beating this drum again for a couple of months. Who gave them the heads up?

Is it time to BUGOUT/BUGDOWN yet?


Something wicked this way comes

Appeared to have started in Mexico same week as Navy epidemiological "drills and tests"

Mexico never had an epidemic in recent memory

Again, the strange oddities around the time of this outbreak are too numerous

Kills people in their prime, quite rapidly

Quarantine in the works? Something worse?

The CDC is saying it is too late to control and too late to contain.

Person-to-person aerosolized and seems to infect host rapidly

Your family's contribution to the environment will be to die.

.. and somebody has decided the time has come for sacrifice ...

FLASHBACK : Did these men die in order to protect this new bug from identification as a manufactured product?

Sociopaths are Infectious Carriers of Havoc that Transmit Their Disease Both Genetically and Through Social Vectors

The DSM-IV-TR, a widely used manual for diagnosing mental disorders, defines anti-social personality disorder as a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15 years, as indicated by three (or more) of the following:

  1. Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest
  2. Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure
  3. Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead
  4. Aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults
  5. Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
  6. Consistent irresponsibility
  7. Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another

The tragedy of the super predator class embedded in mankind's genes is that once they occupy the institutions they will force everybody else to behave as a sociopath or die wherever they can. This is why decline in a civilization is always irreversible. Chances are the people asking how we can solve this problem in public will simply be sociopaths trying to engineer more chaos and destruction, by constantly switching roles from laughing hyena to defender of the good. In time they come to play all the roles of society and all of them as dramatic theatre.

It may sound off-topic but in fact, this is why World War Three is an absolute lock.

SOCIOPATHY (Notice Wikipedia has no actual entry for this condition? That's because Wikipedia is run by sociopaths!!! Even their page for Sociopath is actually edited from the DSM-IV-TR version to describe "antisocial" behaviour instead!!!! {Not listening with proper attention to sociopaths, in other words})

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Anti-Federalists Were Right 200 Years Ago

Centralized government invariably becomes corrupt and grows to oppress the people unfortunate to live under it because of the basic nature of mankind. There is no way to change this, no communism or socialism or marxism that can ever circumvent this fact, no matter how solipsist the arguments put forward for it's virtues. Nationalism that is not simply an extension of a Federal Union with power entrusted in the States will always decline into tyranny.

By the way, read the letters written by common men two centuries ago to get a good idea of what incredible morons that modern "people" are in comparison. It's purely a gesture of generosity to describe moderns as "human," because most of them lack nearly all the key markers that differentiate men from beasts. They can't read, write, speak or think ... don't we have some sort of cut-off score where we have to reclassify them as something else? You could just call them Kwanzanians the way I do. I'm working on species nomenclature for the other fallen four : Canada, Australia, Europe and Iceland. How about "Hosanimals" for the Canadian breed, "Snowboons" for Iceland, "Yobatangs" for Australians and "Pommachimps" for Europe? This would allow naturalists in coming years to assign them to species divisions to distinguish them from the old world monkey family and Homo Sapiens in an authentic final solution for the missing link in man's evolution.

Vault-OS : Hoo-Haw!!! Coming along nicely!

That's all I'm going to say about that for now.

Hope I have time to take some screenshots and show it working inside of the shelter soon, possibly at end of the month. Got lots of stuff working together now in one seamless integrated package. I have I2C, NuDAM DAC and RS-485 all humming together under Windows NT on Thinkboy consolidating a lot of different I/O into one global pool for control and monitoring. The big breakthrough was discovering that shared memory mapping scheme I linked to previously. That code proved invaluable.

I also made substantial improvements in my natural language speech parsing for voice control with the MS Speech API. Response is getting better all the time. Thinkboy is starting to seem pretty clever, except for his synthesized voice which is still the crappy "Microsoft Mike" package that comes with the SAPI. I'm looking for a truly HE-MAN "Robby" style voice package with the comic-book retro feel if you know where to buy one. I will buy a Cepstral voice if it is all I can find but they are not all that close to what I want.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Russia Says Itz Coming

Provocation - The 'Kwa wants World War III to take the focus off their problems.

The Kwanzanians believe a good swift nuclear war might restore their fortunes.

Missile defense is a greased sluice into thermonuclear war.

The End of the 'Kwa Is Closer Than You Think

Most of the sheeple only know about the economy because that is what the media has put on the radar. Very few of them have any facility at all for thinking about the implications of things that might seem unrelated to people with weak minds. In fact, these subjects are vital associations they would need to make in order to go on living. The assumption of certain guarantees in their surroundings, like the current agricultural yields, are going to collapse quite suddenly as the climate cools for the next Ice Age. That's the tip of the iceberg (literally) in the store of problems that they do not perceive at present.

Nature herself seems to be in revolt against the Western world.

I see fissures forming at critical points all over this edifice and I forecast a very rapid collapse in the near future. Very, very rapid.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terminators For World War III Nearly Ready To Go Into Production

Do you know what Vault-Co was telling you back in 2003? Well, mainstream media is announcing it in 2009 like it's news.

UPDATE : The Media Pretends To Get It, Long After It's Old News On Vault-Co
There are probably scarier ways to die. Being tracked and exterminated by a machine sent from a nation far across the sea would have to be up there in the top ten, however. Remember, it will be easier to program them to kill anybody than to kill only certain somebodies. You think human troops commit atrocities, wait until you see what these machines do in WW3. They'll be dropped in quadrants and told to eliminate anything inside that grid square. Those will be their only standing orders.

The Sun Is Down For Maintenance For The Next 12,000 Years or Thereabouts

... but I expect we'll get our cookoff flare in the next couple of years before it goes completely dormant. That should be a lot of fun.

Globowarmthinkery makes less sense than druidism

Try to imagine people being this stupid - I can't. There's a 100 point IQ gap there and I cannot really visualize being this slow. It's something I will never quite get. I can sort of squint and pretend but it will never be very enlightening. That's a dark, dark world indeed down there on the far lower end of the Bell Curve. No wonder mankind is such a brutish, ridiculous critter. You going to tell me a person who can look up can dismiss the Sun's "effect" on climate? The Sun IS Climate.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The West Turns Out To Be A Glass House (Just like we've been saying for ten years)

The British have started to realize the implications of all this hollow rhetoric when the reality of the situation begins to dawn on them. You cannot build a stable society on Oprah Winfrey sentiments and platitudes. You can't eat them when you're hungry, for example.

Amerikwa is declining as rapidly as predicted by Vault-Co. Everybody else got a surprise.

Economic collapse? You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until you see the debt instruments that begin to fail by middle of this year.

The funny thing about it is that most of the other people who saw all this coming were either communists or living in formerly communist countries. Maybe these people know when the wood is rotten and the house is ready to fall.

Dark City - Reconstructing Your World Paradigms and Assumptions While You Sleep

The average human being can't remember much of anything that happened more than fifteen minutes ago and even if they could, they would not be able to draw any inferences from it. This is why the elites are able to engineer their reality on the fly as easily as the pigs in Animal Farm ... by repainting the barn while the other animals slumber.

Three years ago it was a conspiracy theory held by only the nuttiest whackos. One morning, you wake up and it is common knowledge, nothing to worry about, was always there in fact, only a loon would even notice they changed the world while we slept.

I feel like John Murdoch every night. No kidding.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Handmaidens of the Devil Himself

I was raised a Catholic and went to a Catholic preschool. As near as I can tell, I am the only child on earth who was not raped by a priest in a Catholic school.

Any other organization, it would be a clear cut criminal racketeering conspiracy dedicated to the sexual abuse and rape of children. It's funny how this week they are passing laws against bikie clubs in Australia because of their recently publicized criminal behaviour but an institution responsible over the last two centuries for the rape of millions of children in their care - and protection of pedophiles from prosecution by failing to report the crimes, is allowed to continue to exist as a legal "religion" in Australia.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Civil Defense Museum Food Page

If you've never seen this page before, it's fantastic. It has been updated with more pictures recently.

What amazes me was how much of that food has still been found edible and capable of sustaining life, fifty years after it was packed in some cases. That's very reassuring. The secret apparently is to keep it cool, dry and in the dark. We also have something they didn't in those days - mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, which can turn any regular shlob into a food storage wizard.

Prepare For a Very Bumpy Ride Ahead

So much news I've seen in the past week makes it obvious there is total disconnect out there.

This is going to go very badly for most people. Most of them don't know it yet. There's not going to be a recovery any time soon. What's even more amazing, even those of them who do have a clue don't realize what happens to nations during severe depressions. World War happens.

Barky is still pushing the Pro-Kenyan economics platform but nobody is listening.

The Truth About Israel

The best selling book in Israel right now just comes out and documents the truth, which as it turns out, is the exact opposite of what the West is compelled to believe:

1. 9o% of all "Jews" do not have a Hebrew drop of blood in their bodies. They are not the seed of Abraham. The majority of all jews are Ashkenazi, Khazarian converts from a Turkish gypsy race that only converted for the cynical benefits of calling themselves "Jewish" around Christian Europeans in the ninth century. The majority of Sephardics are converted Spanish Berbers. Only the Sephardic Cohen can trace his ancestry back to the people talked about in the Bible.

The Jews of Spain, whom we believed to be blood related to the Early Israelites seem to be converted Berbers. “I asked myself,” says Sand, “how such large Jewish communities appeared in Spain. And then I saw that Tariq ibn Ziyad, the supreme commander of the Muslims who conquered Spain, was a Berber, and most of his soldiers were Berbers. Dahia al-Kahina’s Jewish Berber Kingdom had been defeated only 15 years earlier. And the truth is there are a number of Christian sources that say many of the conquerors of Spain were Jewish converts. The deep-rooted source of the large Jewish community in Spain was those Berber soldiers who converted to Judaism.”

2. The "Jews" who constitute the mass today in Israel never had an ancestor who lived in Palestine in the past. It never happened. They did, however, expel most of the actual Jews who were living there for thousands of years when the state was founded and take their lands.

3. At least 3/4 of all people who call themselves "Jewish," are in fact, secular atheists who do not believe in God or life after death.

4. The original Bible was not authored by Hebrews. It came from a much, much older religious tradition in India, practiced by the ruling Indo-Aryans caste. More than half the stories in the Old Testament are subtle corruptions of the original stories with very, very recent additions. For example, Philistines didn't exist until the 12th century BC. when they were added to the Old Testament. The Roman exile never happened and there is not a shred of evidence that it did. Jericho, the guarded city that was flattened to the sounds of horns and almighty supernatural intervention was just a tiny village during the 13th century BC. Whatever these stories may have been originally, they were changed to feature an entirely different race as the centerpiece and the places and names were taken from their surroundings rather than the original. The Bible remains the truth, but somebody has changed it into allegory after plagiarizing it from somewhere else.

This phrase pretty much sums it up:

"If the people of Israel were not expelled, then the real descendants of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah must be the Palestinians."

... and they've got the DNA to prove it, too.

The Western world was made to worship the imposters with the help of the Scofield Concordance, to fall down and grovel at their feet in the place of God. It is shocking to see the Athenian aspirations of the West diverted into straw men and useless dead ends culturally that have proven to be more than capable of destroying our entire civilization. Having started with such high ideals around two centuries ago, we have ended up now as nothing more than comic relief and a cash cow for a Turkish invasion of the Middle East.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

VAULT-OS : Breakthrough in Seismic Sensing!

I have been tinkering with geoseismic detectors (Velleman's kits) for over a year, trying to interpolate with signals to determine the map location of intrusion violations. This system requires 12 volt power, I2C adaptor chip and circuitry and is very vulnerable to EMP. It has it's usefulness but it is otherwise expensive, complicated, difficult to maintain and requires a 12V 1AH rechargable battery with charging circuit and shunt inside the post. I just kept thinking there's a better way to do this and have been trying a number of alternatives out with limited success. Wireless, of course, is out of the question with a system designed to survive nuclear warfare.

I got some of these super cheap sensors ($1.00), a solar powered night light ($2.50), a heavy duty capacitor and a zener diode I pulled out of a discarded circuit board I found in the garbage, PVC pipe (free), steel wire (free), plus some optical fiber cable I had lying around ($2.00 for 150 meters). Using the original BASIC STAMP II design book (no basic stamp needed) I was able to design an extremely simple circuit that replaced the 1.5 volt AA rechargable battery with the heavy capacitor to hold a charge from the little solar panel until it was needed. The capacitor's rating, according to my manual, should hold the charge for 12 hours of darkness at night when the sun goes down. I have not tested that yet but it definitely provides ample power during the day when the sun is out. This has no physical connection with wiring of any kind to the monitoring set other than fiber optic and no power supply or even a battery.

Using a jimmy-rigged steel laundry wire cabling system buried just under the ground in the yard to transmit vibrations, I was able to get this functional in about two hours of work (one post). My first impression was that it was broken, because it was pulsing rhythmically on my simple monitor (an old optical fibre test probe) about every two seconds. I examined my wiring again and again, looked at my circuit to see where I was going wrong, sat there perfectly still and kept watching the pulsed signal appearing on the probe. I figured I had done something wrong that was storing a charge on the capacitor then releasing it at regular intervals. I could not otherwise see what was causing it. I was getting discouraged and was wishing I was a better electronics engineer than I am. It seemed to be another dead end.

Then my next door neighbors laundry machine finished it's cycle. The pulsing stopped. Whenever I took a step or even coughed, I could see the pulse register on the sensor. The biggest problem with this thing was that it was too sensitive for most uses. I am going to work on a way to adjust it's sensitivity with a manual calibration at the post.

It's also zero maintenance and so few moving parts or electronics it barely qualifies as digital. I am confident I can pinpoint somebody moving topside to within a meter with this thing, day or night. This system could be made so sensitve I doubt if a housecat could creep on the grounds without detection.

One drawback in cost is that although it can be adapted to run I2C, at present what is needed is an interrupt based system in which any signal triggers a digital line and is buffered with a timestamp to the millisecond in a dedicated processor. I already bought one of these boards and will be putting this into a dedicated x86 device (likely running a simple DOS PowerBasic program) specifically to watch the seismic grid and then pass the data into the main network with buffering.

I will dedicate an entire chapter to this system in my book on Vault-OS when it is ready. Still testing and debugging but I think I stumbled onto something really good this time.

Simply Awesome

This thing that we're in is so far beyond the comprehension of the leftwing brain that if they ever even caught a glimpse of this reality it would almost certainly cause their tiny brains to explode inside their skulls and leak out their ears.

Their tiny ideas and their tiny world, humanocentric socialist crapola. They have no idea where we are, what is really going on here and what this is all really about. None at all. They edited the maps of Russia after their coup to make it look about a quarter of the size it really is to try to avoid people snickering at them behind their backs. The very notion that a central body of mostly unemployable losers who have never even been able to manage their own lives could conduct this massive social engineering on a broad scale to manage the lives of others. The secular leftist mind is fail. Sitting on committees and discussing which sentences should be modified to avoid offense. What absolute zeroes, the leftist collectivists. Less than nothing.

The secular Bolshevist brain fails the first test. It never even makes it onto the next question. They don't get it. They don't know what is happening here. They are misfires as human beings.

They get angry because there is always the danger of everybody else suddenly bursting out loud laughing at them, roaring at them for their ridiculously schizophrenic gibberish.

Carbon molecules from farting cows are causing the poles to melt. Paying off the losses of failed banks with the fake paper money that got them into this mess will avoid their collapsing. Do you have any idea what all this stuff sounds like to me? Do you, honestly? I would be shocked if it turned out you did. I wish you could come over here inside my brain and listen to this stuff with my ears 24 hours a day.

Do I have to stay here? I want to look at Aldebaran from space. Is this really all there is? Why do I have to be stuck with these chimpmanzees and listen to their idiocy? Isn't there something better and higher than all of this somewhere?

Well, there was. The Founding Fathers in the United States reached for it. These renaissance geniuses tried. The laws that govern the ascent and decline of civilizations had to get them in the end, though. Once the botched and the bungled outnumber the ones who can walk and chew gum by fifty to one, there's no system of government that is brilliantly designed enough to plug that dike. It's a tsunami of moronic feeblemindedness that all abstract concepts on paper are utterly helpless against. Out with freedom of speech. Out with the right to bear arms. Out with habeas corpus. Out with freedom of association. That sort of stuff is the first to go once you have a large population of "people" who think professional wrestling is real.

Once average IQ started to creep down around 96 in the West, the whole enterprise was a lost cause. Nothing can fix what is wrong there. You just have to be ready to ride it out. Spectacular collapse, this one is going to be. You will be living in interesting times, bet on it. You can almost smell that Russian Doomsday box warming up those ancient vacuum tubes.

Without power and force, leftists wouldn't otherwise be worth noticing in the big scheme of things. They don't add up to much of anything at all. They are like the emptiness between the stars. They are bipedal voids.

" .... as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority."

Right, like the actual legal documents of the United States, that limit the government to mere regulation of interstate commerce. So you're just making your own kind of rules up on-the-fly, word of mouth as it were. You're in direct contradiction to the laws that govern America.

"... a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration," the warning says."

Maybe because a nation does not exist without borders and a homogeneous population, if not as a race then at least culturally. Of course it can't have a population if it is legal to kill babies before they are even born. All the Founding Fathers would agree unanimously on this subject, the problem is if they were here now they'd be firing twin automatics with banana magazines knee-deep in spent brass shells, so they would likely be unable to hear the question over the roar of their guns. So if you cupped your hands and yelled to Jefferson, he'd just politely wave you off as he pulled a grenade pin out with his teeth and chucked it at the roof of the Capitol building. You'd have to wait until much later to get a proper answer on the subject.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Globowarmthinkery Is What People Believe In When They No Longer Believe In God

More here on the dorks who went to the Arctic to study global warming and found out firsthand that the cold there was apocalyptic stuff.

I hear them blathering about the melting ice on all televitzer channels, most of the internet, the radio and all of the abusepapers.

The human race would be funny if I could get back in the mothership and fly away after I was done laughing myself paralytic about the manboons. The tragedy is that it turns out I'm a biped myself of similar construction and am trapped here with these idiots. Somehow that just doesn't seem fair. If you see it that way, the way that I do, you'll see my second best option is digging a deep rock fallout shelter. These manatangs don't make a helluva lotta sense outside of comic relief for dolphins. Their behaviour is clearly putting them on greased rails to their own demise. I'm stuck here so I have to figure out a way to weather their insanity while it runs it's course and the best place to ride it out is 12 feet underground.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Send Me Back To 1940 With A DVD Player

If we had a time machine and I could take a DVD Player, a knapsack filled with modern magazines and some rap music CDs, you could send me back to 1940 and I could change the course of history in six hours. Just let me wander through the trenches for a few hours showing them what Britain would look like in the year 2009.

Millions of soldiers would throw down their arms and defect to the German side, take up arms with them and march on their own nation with the intention to overthrow the government and replace it with a Nazi occupational authority.

Don't shake your head. You know damn well it's true. You know it would happen just like I said.

All it would take is foreknowledge. If those soldiers knew what would happen to Britain after the war, they would have welcomed the Germans with open arms.

Frankly, I think both sides were nothing but bastards, including the Germans. If Britain had lost to Germany and been invaded, it is possible to imagine things might be far better today but it's hard to conceive of them being any worse.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Man is Not a Learning Animal

No. Isn't. Quit clinging to false hope.

Men in declining civilizations have never learned anything and never will. They are incapable of learning anything after the age of five or thereabouts. Only the tinest handful of genetic freaks can learn anything at all after they graduate from adolescence.

Learning is something that occurs in the beginning, when a civilization is fresh and new. When it is dying, the book of learning for the people is closed.

The huge falling away from Christian faith of the past twenty years is not due to an increase in human intelligence, new information, new insight or better perception. The decline in Christian faith is due to a staggering general decrease in intelligence, reduction of any information to work with, no insight into anything and nonexistent perception.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What Happens During Magnetic Reversal?

Why on earth would diamonds rain from the sky during an extinction event 12,000 years ago at the same time massive radiation was pounding the earth's surface? What on earth could possibly provide a scientific explanation for this remarkable discovery?

If you read the article at the link above, you'll find that the ultimate conclusions of the people at that meeting were :

1. We're not smart enough to understand this and we're not well read enough to have touched on Robert Felix's books, so we're going to toss out our usual Deus Ex Machina about comets. Everything is explained by comets when you don't really have an explanation.

2. They don't have a theory to predict this. There is only one author I am familiar with whose work anticipated this startling discovery before it happened and that is Robert Felix.

3. Something really, really, really bad might be getting ready to happen in the year 2012. Really, really, really bad.

Ten years ago when I started work on the shelter system, a highly disseminated scienmajific study had declared to the entire world that a magnetic reversal was a harmless event and would not result in what used to be a foregone conclusion for about a hundred years : The earth would be baked in the equivalent of a microwave oven topside. I ignored that study and designed my shelter to protect it's inhabitants against hardcore gamma radiation pouring down in nightmarish levels for weeks, months or even years.

Recently the scienmajific simulation was conceded to be absolute hogwash. Imagine if I trusted the popular consensus. Luckily I trusted my own judgement and did not stop to consider if people thought I might be a madman. At the time the notion of a person building a shelter with this much radiation protection in Australia on the Gold Coast was sheer lunacy.

At some point you have to decide between your own reason and the armies of Oprah Winfrey.

A Little Subliminal Preparation By MTV

Just to get you acclimated to the idea.

A Rainbow World of Smurfs and Care Bears

If you want to know who Barack Obama really works for, those millions of deadheads who voted for him - or the same elites who are always in charge of things - note that the key means of demonstrating he is not insane would have been to end the plans for a missile interceptor base construction on the border of Russia. Yet, he has merely continued the work of his predecessor like a bureaucrat following instructions from a higher office.
Certain parties want World War III to happen. It's not an option. It is scheduled and rostered.
That is whatz coming. So Pack It.

Debt Is As Destructive As Warfare And Must Be Considered An Act of Aggression

Iceland today, the world tomorrow.

Now we're talking

Sign me up for the first one off the assembly line. Add some power armor and a computer link and I'll have the topside suit I have always dreamed of.

Everything You Think You Know Is Absurd Bullsh*t and Pompous Gasbag Baloney

How do I know for certain? I used to believe those same things myself not too long ago.

In many ways, the current era is more backward, superstitious and unenlightened than the worst part of the Dark Ages. Our science since the 1950's has gone from confused to just plain dumb. We are now reaching a level of absurdity that officially qualifies our entire society as a gigantic Monty Python sketch.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


In other words, an Ice Age.

April 5th and the hopelessly damned are freezing their asses off.

Man is not a learning animal. People who tacitly claim they are capable of learning are no more credible than people who claim to have had sex with bigfoot or been abducted by UFOs.

The Final Stage of Globalization For Amerikwa

I was deer hunting many decades ago and stopped at the top of a long trail in the deep woods of Virginia to catch my breath, having climbed a couple hundred feet of altitude in a few minutes. I leaned against a big sturdy looking old tree a few stories tall.

No sooner had I touched it than it crumbled under my hand to reveal a nearly hollow core. Termites had eaten everything but the outer skin, just enough of a shell to keep it standing up. They must have been working at it for decades before I walked up to it and rested against it.

The entire tree gave out a groan, collapsed on one side and poured out a ton of dust and rotten pulp as it toppled over and crashed in the woods with an enormous bang. There had been nothing at all to it. A light touch had ended it all in a few seconds.

To anybody walking through those woods, that tree would have looked as solid as cast iron and monolithic. Yet in a single moment it ceased to exist after what might have been centuries of growth. It had died long, long ago. Long ago. Only the shell remained and when that gave out it was reduced to debris in the woods that even the insects were no longer interested in eating.

I figure the 'Kwa was at the end of it's life cycle in 1963 when I was born. They shot Kennedy a couple months after I came into the world. To people who didn't know any better, many people thought it was as robust as ever. Somehow when I was a young boy, I truly believe my Asperger's gave me the perception to know something was wrong from the time I learned to walk. I always had a feeling. I always knew something wasn't quite right. I knew that the appearance of things and the consensus on things was not synchronized with the reality of things. I knew my world was hollow. I knew it was being eaten out by termites. I knew I was living inside a doomed shell. The Asperger's always gave me an edge, an ability to discriminate very fine shades of meaning and to perceive things with great subtlety, to look more closely than other people and to see that hidden corruption inside. I could never quite convey it to others or really explain it. I always knew it was coming. I always knew it. I could feel it ... like the strange sound an empty gourd makes when you tap on it. I knew the tree had died long, long ago. This isn't the sort of thing you can explain to an ordinary person. They wouldn't understand. They never grasp anything beyond appearances. It's in their design specifications to only apprehend things by the way they appear topically on their fragile surface. It's not given to them to look closer ... to see the truth of things in the deeper sense. They can't do it. That's why television is so useful to keep them distracted.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Barry Soetoro (Kenyan Native Birthname) Destroys United States In Just Under 90 Days

The crushing iron hand of the Anti-Christ comes down on the damned idiots who voted for him

George Bush Jr. Only A Million Times Worse

Tyranny descends like lightning on the 'Kwa in the wake of the beast

The government is more interested in oppressing it's own people internally than it is in defending itself from external aggression - a sure marker of the final decline stage of a civilization.

Obama is just another bloody handed sodomite dealer in death and destruction like all the other children of perdition.

With their lips dripping with honey sweet speech of truth and justice and fairness the sociopaths advance in their march through the institutions until they destroy everything good and true and beautiful they touch. Their contact is cancer to all things and the whole world shrivels away into ashes underneath the soles of their feet. Like bleached white tombs of dead men with nothing but corruption and noxious vapors within.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The crash of '09, the collapse of '10

Oh, my. COMING, ITZ.

Vault-Co is not the only nut out there getting ready. We were just early risers (or sinkers, depending on how you look at it) before the rest of the world saw the same thing we saw ten years ago. If you've got the money you can get an excellent shelter in under a week delivered right to your door.

Walter McCarthy tells people they won't have to stay in his shelters for longer than 30 days because he sells shelters designed for stays of 30 days. In a real worldwide nuclear war, the likelihood of deliberately salted weapons being used rises to about 100% after the first 25% of casualties. All these neat coffee klatch scenarios where the participants just accept their losses and go home to knit their Red Cross blankets are the ugly stepchild of Herman Kahn's homoerotic fantasy radwars. There are other factors in the world interested in seeing everybody "else" fight to the death and they aren't going anywhere.

In real life, it's after the first 30 days when the reality sinks in that the kid gloves will come off and the survivors start to pack cobalt into their remaining stock of weapons if they have not used it already - designed for the sole purpose of exterminating the target, not merely matching it with "mutual destruction."

Trust Vault-Co on this. We can tell by speaking to most people who tout this theory of limited nuclear war that they've barely given it more than ten minutes of serious thought in their entire adult life. Human sanity is not a particularly prominent feature of human warfare. If men have it in their capacity to do (like Dresden) then by God, you can rest assured they will once they understand they are in Klausewitzian combat.

Certain truths are escaping the memory hole. This bodes well for the apocalypse in the near future or at least a deliberate initiation of something to distract the sheeple. Left to ponder these things, even their tiny walnut-sized brains may be able to reach a conclusion. Especially with the usual suspects so gleefully rubbing their hands.

As the Telegraph reported, “the G20 leaders have activated the IMF's power to create money and begin global "quantitative easing". In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.”[1]
Well, it doesn't really sound like a "conspiracy theory" (???) anymore at this stage, does it? If it's predictive and turns out to be accurate, can it still remain an unrealistic fringe theory??? Please sheeple, try to turn over some of that rusty gray nervous tissue in there and have a think about it, won't you? Because the hour grows late and some say ITZ not COMING anymore. Some say ITZ here.

PIPBoy Almost Ready For Retail!!!

Thank God. I've got my hands full with R&D on Vault-OS, I would not be able to get around to this thing for months. It will be great to just purchase one out of the box, load it up with NET 1.1 or MONO and run my existing code base on it.

Satellite Photos Of One of Those FEMA Camps That "Doesn't Exist."

Notice the heavy airbrushing. Something about this large fenced compound that appears to resemble a prison that somebody in the government wanted to photoshop with the smudge brush.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The World You Thought You Were Living In Never Existed Outside Of Televitz

Brilliant commentary on the fate of naval carriers in World War III.

What have these guys in the navy been doing since 1963? Nothing much, really. Tooling around in big floating targets scaring the bejesus out of developing nations. In the next war, these things are going to seem as ridiculous as the French riding horseback towards German machine gun nests with feather crufted hats. People will shake their heads. What the hell were they thinking?

World War III will change a lot of perspectives for the survivors. This is what rang true about John Titor.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Globowarmthinkery Is Junk Science By Junk Scientists Talking Junk

The media and government is always the last institution to get the news about anything.

Another Commie Bastard Plan Falls To Pieces - Guess You'll Have To Change Your Names Again, You Frauds

A war on Western Christian Civilization by any other name

The U.N. is all about moving what is in your wallet into theirs. Period.

Globowarmthinkery makes no sense no matter how you run the numbers

God (and Robert Felix) get the last laugh. Here comes the next Ice Age.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.
- KJV Pslam 2:4

Poor Little Sheeple Queueing Up The Slaughterhouse Ramp To Their Doom

They encourage the drones to keep shopping whilst above their heads, the superpowers are attempting to leverage a victory in the third world war, making the most gruesome plans imaginable for a nuclear war of such magnitude it would astonish most science fiction writers.

I was talking to a guy at the food court today who just spontaneously launched into a short soliloquy about what he thought World War 3 was going to be like. It turned out he envisioned something similar to World War 2 except the Chinese as the Nazis and some of the lame plot elements from Tom Clancy novels thrown into the mix for good measure. It was a wild, demented fantasy that could only be produced by a mind so utterly freakin' out of touch with the real world it practically had it's own planet to itself. His deranged vision had Australia providing air, naval, communications and logistics support while the U.S. rained nuclear fire over the whole Chinese mainland. He explained that America "might see" some nukes hit at their Western shore. If the Chinese "got lucky." As if China would be the only one fighting in this Clancy-style "war of the future."

He was telling me about the awesome Battlestar Galactica of missile defense, how it would intercept anything the Chinese could get off the ground. I didn't bother telling him what Vault-Co has been saying about BMD for ten years.

"What about us?" I asked, "Do you think we might see some action here in Australia?"

"Oh no," he said, "All of this stuff will be taking place far, far away from here. We won't see any attacks on our own soil."

(No interruptions in cappuccino service of any kind, natchurally)

I took another sip of my cranberry frosty and just stared off into space as he described the magnificent victory the U.S. and Australia would preside over, having leveled China down to bedrock with no casualties of their own.

Other people is like having a televitzer device follow you around with biped locomotion.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Mother Of All World Wars Approaches

This "special weapon" was known about and discussed on Vault-Co six years ago. That's how long it takes "military intelligence" to absorb new information.

Historically, world war always breaks out during times like these. This era is no different, it's the same only the most lethal of any before it. Every world war featured a higher number of civilian casualities, the war that is coming will achieve the highest number of civilian deaths of them all because it's going to be thermonuclear. Obama wasn't kidding when he said he would "transform" the United States. He's going to transform it into a 3000 mile wide radioactive ash heap with piles of human bones that glow at night. Obamination is the biggest warmonger of them all and he's going to bring it on for certain.

This is why we call it the apocalypse trifecta. Three nuclear armed empires jockeying for top dog. There can be only one. These three big dogs are the lead wolves of packs of little rabid mutts so anxious to fight they can barely contain themselves.

There is still time left, even at this late stage of the game. You better pack it.

Those of you who think the New World Order is going to stop it are the most wretched of them all. It's part of their game plan. Screw the civilians, they don't give a damn about those consumer units. Let'em cook in their own juices topside at 25,000 rads an hour, serves'em right for sleepwalking through life.

It's coming, Vault Dwellers. Better stock up and stand ready to weld that hatch shut from the inside when the time comes.