Friday, April 24, 2009


Stay alert. Something is up. This is too coincidental. Seriously consider protection against exposure to this bug. It looks to be a biowarfare three-way join between the avian, swine and human flu which just appeared out of nowhere.

UPDATES Sunday, April 26, 2009:

Fears of a global epidemic

Mexico cancels public events of any kind! TSHTF! Martial law coming for Mexico?

Is "Captain Trips" out of the bag?

World Reeling From Financial Depression Cannot Take Another Shock

This thing was made in a lab!

These dopey media people could not predict sunset with an almanac at dawn... but they've been beating this drum again for a couple of months. Who gave them the heads up?

Is it time to BUGOUT/BUGDOWN yet?


Something wicked this way comes

Appeared to have started in Mexico same week as Navy epidemiological "drills and tests"

Mexico never had an epidemic in recent memory

Again, the strange oddities around the time of this outbreak are too numerous

Kills people in their prime, quite rapidly

Quarantine in the works? Something worse?

The CDC is saying it is too late to control and too late to contain.

Person-to-person aerosolized and seems to infect host rapidly

Your family's contribution to the environment will be to die.

.. and somebody has decided the time has come for sacrifice ...

FLASHBACK : Did these men die in order to protect this new bug from identification as a manufactured product?


Anonymous said...

I started reviewing my bugout plan when hearing about this yesterday. Hopefully some more information on the virus will become avaliable soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm following this one closely. Could turn into the deathblow for the 'kwa.

Also, :)


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Anonymous said...

Just received E-mail from California Office of Emergency Services. The E-mail was written post conference call with CDC. The CDC is very concerned with the "fluidity" (also known as the "oh shit"! factor)of this situation. They stated to start reviewing our influenza plans.
The E-mail is 24 hours old, new cases are now noted in Kansas (confirmed) and the possibility of cases in Imperial county, Ca.(next to San Diego) Minnesota and Michigan.
Even though both the Mexico and U.S. strains have been confirmed as the same, it is puzzling that the U.S. has had no fatalities as of yet, while Mexico sits at a approx. 10% kill rate (give or take).
Lets just pray this strain does not mutate with the current H5N1 strain.

Mike M.

zwick said...

Since the economic crisis around the world is unsolvable, this is the perfect time (maybe?) to unleash this bio weapon. Blame the total crash on it. They can always say later that the world's central banks were "just turning this recession around", but got nailed by Captain Trips. OR; declare that it is indeed a bio weapon that was unleashed upon us by the guess-Iran. Then WWW3 can begin. OR; this flu is stage one and will spread throughout the summer to be followed by stage 2, which could be super SARS or (more likely) super bird flu. Very interesting times we live in. I was going to split, but I think I'll hang out awhile longer, I'm good where I'm at for now, and I don't have to leave home for anything. I just was thinking--Monday the 27th should be a fun day on Wall street.

Anonymous said...

This is why it's killing middle age people and not infants or the elderly.

I'm buying 200 N95 (virus proof) surgical masks tomorrow and I'm also stocking up on non-perishable food. I'm not expecting TEOTWAWKI, But it might be best to avoid malls and stores for a while.

Anonymous said...

Now it's in New Zealand? Which means it's very damn likely to be in Australia. Keep away from the tourists in your neck of the woods, Tex.

Anonymous said...

A NZ school trip returned from Mexico yesterday. All are currently quarantined in their homes.

13 kids have tested positive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

the joos have decided to get rid of the gentiles

Anonymous said...

plenty info here

Anonymous said...

Nice, the flu has hit Scotland and Spain today.

Even if it isnt deadly it will FUBAR whats left of our economy.

Tequila anyone?


Anonymous said...

One of the New Zealand school students who tested positive for swine flu attended soccer practice despite being in isolation. That came to me from a relative involved in the NZ incident

Anonymous said...

If the cases of the flu were to double each day it would take 32 days to infect 5.3 billion people. if there were a 10% mortality rate, in one month 500 million people would die. Or about a half a billion people.

Unless you're already in a vault.

Anonymous said...


Big scare for GovCorp to gain more power.

trueaim said...

Symptoms are a runny nose, a sore throat and body aches, hmmmm sounds very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

no more towel on head at the airport, while screaming allah akbar for me. nope i'm moving with the times - sombrero and coughing fit all the way from now on.

Anonymous said...

Let's not generalize about the Jews.