Friday, April 17, 2009

The Handmaidens of the Devil Himself

I was raised a Catholic and went to a Catholic preschool. As near as I can tell, I am the only child on earth who was not raped by a priest in a Catholic school.

Any other organization, it would be a clear cut criminal racketeering conspiracy dedicated to the sexual abuse and rape of children. It's funny how this week they are passing laws against bikie clubs in Australia because of their recently publicized criminal behaviour but an institution responsible over the last two centuries for the rape of millions of children in their care - and protection of pedophiles from prosecution by failing to report the crimes, is allowed to continue to exist as a legal "religion" in Australia.


Anonymous said...

what a coincidence that any organization that is the least threat to world zionism becomes vilified by the media. Let's see, now, ummmmmm....who controls the media? And let's see now, who owns lionsgate? (yawn, is my cappucino ready yet...)


Anonymous said...

It takes a very special person to take the vows and dedicate his life to the lord. Apparantly those special persons also turn out to be kiddie fuckers.

The catholic church is like any other form of religion nothing but a twisted parody on the original message.

Texas Arcane said...

Good, Zionism will be doing us a huge favor if it rids us of the Catholic Church. It's a blight on human existence.

In the U.S. they are the biggest enablers of immigration second only to one other group. If the only friend that the West has against Zionism is Catholicism then we're going to lose. Let's get rid of 'em all.

Anonymous said...

Something I read elsewhere, a good reminder with examples from history:

The case of Northern Ireland shows another problem: democracy is only possible where there is a common basic identity. The Greek cities in which it was invented regarded themselves as made of kinsfolk, of blood relatives; acquiring citizenship in Athens was almost impossible - it took a decree of the Assembly. The long trouble of European history was to reach a condition where most nations had similar governments, and each of them was cohesive enough not to feel that it was just the instrument of one group to dominate another. Democracy has consistently failed in Northern Ireland because two groups divided by nothign but religion each regard politics as the instrument for one to dominate the other. Democracy has succeeded in Italy, in France, and ultimately in Germany and eastern Europe, because each citizen felt himself French enough, German enough, or Italian or Polish or Hungarian enough, to accept the authority of the State as something more than just the imposition of another group; something more organic, more connaturate to his identity, to his personality and language. That is why, especially in Italy, the struggle for political liberty and for national independence were one and the same, and the greatest figures of the one, especially Garibaldi and Cavour, were firm believers in the other.

zwick said...

I read where Tony Blair and Newt Gingrich are converting to Catholicism. I wonder what Jesuit order they're going to join?