Friday, April 3, 2009

Famous Last Words Before The Hammer Drops

Here's commie Brown and his "new world order."

Yawn. Whoodathunkit? A bunch of bums savin' the world. Yes, that's what all that is about.

Burning some time before the Euro collapses.

Meanwhile, back in the real world ...

Saner heads say all of this has happened before ... but that man is not a learning animal.

The U.S. is descending into anarchy.

Detroit is a post-apocalyptic wasteland right out of a science fiction novel.

The U.S. dollar is ready for it's Zimbabwe-style manic plunge to the bottom.

Here's a person who doesn't have his head up his ass:


Anonymous said...

Heh, so I was not the only one who felt a chill down his spine when he heard Gordon Brown mention the "New World Order".

Everything that one could suspect to be wrong, so blatantly slapped right in front of your face like that.

I mean, I was disconcerted enough on hearing that they will have an international regulatory authority for worldwide finances. Binding nations by common law? I thought a nation was a civil boundary, and its concern with other nations is purely for economic transaction. They are not meant to be bound by a higher authority; otherwise why are they nations in the first place? Why would they have their own seperate law and governing system?

So all those political theorists going as far back as the 18th century, who spent years pondering on the ideas of sovereign republics - do their ideas mean nothing now?

"New World Order". They aren't even pretending now.

Anonymous said...

CadorBolin said...

I got hold of about $150 billion Zimbabawe dollars a few weeks ago. It's printed on fairly high quality paper for a supposedly worthless currency.

It makes for a fun party trick (make a silly million dollar bet that you're certain to lose and then asking for change with a cool billion).

sumptos devil s advocate said...

Bokito said...

Codex turns out to be filled to the brim with pederasts. Whoduthought?

Anonymous said...

The Ekpyrosis - the great burning down of institutions, corporations, governments and ways of life is well underway.

This, along with 911, Bush's second election, and the current 'Greatest Depression' were ALL predicted in The Fourth Turning which was WRITTEN IN 1997 and should be on every thinking persons desk right now. Instead, only a remnant of human beings seems to have any idea WHY these things are occuring right at this particular point in time.

Bush was Coolidge, Obama is Hoover. I don't think we get an FDR this time around. The MOAW (mother of all wars) is probably coming down the pike, and the sooner it comes, the worse the end results will be. Wars happen on 80 year cycles 1780 1860 1940 ... 2020 - any moron could see the pattern here. 80 years baby - the length of a long human life.

Oh well.

Alea iacta est.


Anonymous said...

Kochenvik you are spot on.

in the shorter term, am thinking along the lines of - market crash, bank holidays, currency collapse/s funds/accounts frozen - then lock it all down to foment for the right amount of time and let the NWO implement their solutions.

.....about two weeks would do it....

mediavitz would play its part, the peasants would become unsettled, there would be some panic regarding services and food, riots, shootings......

then they have to take some drastic yet neccessary measures and thereby gain more control and transactions, travel, firearm ownership, just to get started etc

Then when they take it to the next stage pre war - everything will be tidier to manage

it is all too easy.