Friday, April 10, 2009

Everything You Think You Know Is Absurd Bullsh*t and Pompous Gasbag Baloney

How do I know for certain? I used to believe those same things myself not too long ago.

In many ways, the current era is more backward, superstitious and unenlightened than the worst part of the Dark Ages. Our science since the 1950's has gone from confused to just plain dumb. We are now reaching a level of absurdity that officially qualifies our entire society as a gigantic Monty Python sketch.

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trueaim said...

We live in a Geocentric Universe, Tycho Brahe had the right solar system model and Copernicus and Gallileo were wrong, that's why students are indoctrinated with the false Gallilean Heliocentric system and have never read or heard about Tycho Brahe. However it is now impossible to reverse the indoctrination in 99% of cases, no matter how simple it is for Aristotle or Tycho to prove that the earth does not move the majority would rather believe a lie than face the truth.