Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The End of the 'Kwa Is Closer Than You Think

Most of the sheeple only know about the economy because that is what the media has put on the radar. Very few of them have any facility at all for thinking about the implications of things that might seem unrelated to people with weak minds. In fact, these subjects are vital associations they would need to make in order to go on living. The assumption of certain guarantees in their surroundings, like the current agricultural yields, are going to collapse quite suddenly as the climate cools for the next Ice Age. That's the tip of the iceberg (literally) in the store of problems that they do not perceive at present.

Nature herself seems to be in revolt against the Western world.

I see fissures forming at critical points all over this edifice and I forecast a very rapid collapse in the near future. Very, very rapid.


zwick said...

Starvation is the ultimate weapon. Amerikwans will be ratting out their own family for a crust of bread. The examples throughout history are too numerous to mention. In fact, I expect a veritable "rat out fiesta" to occur. All those with a big garden--kiss it goodbye. Stockpiled food did ya?--kiss it goodbye. Don't like your government supplied food ration?--kiss your ass goodbye. Of course, none of this will happen because of the inspired planning and heartfelt concern our leaders have for us. They will save us. Thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

The counterthink article sounds about right, and i like the optimism at the end regarding 'awakening from complacency and new enlightened leaders'.

However, getting through the 'fire' will be the trick eh...and as you say that is likely to include war.

I would say at the latest, this coming September we will see the bank holidays and civil strife.

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