Thursday, April 16, 2009

Civil Defense Museum Food Page

If you've never seen this page before, it's fantastic. It has been updated with more pictures recently.

What amazes me was how much of that food has still been found edible and capable of sustaining life, fifty years after it was packed in some cases. That's very reassuring. The secret apparently is to keep it cool, dry and in the dark. We also have something they didn't in those days - mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, which can turn any regular shlob into a food storage wizard.


zwick said...

I guess something was better than nothing, which is what the sheeple have now. What's amusing is the difference between the generic-under city hall-basement type shelter supplies and what awaited the "leaders" at their shelter. We get crackers and water and a drum to crap in, and they get all the bells and whistles. I wonder what the Russian and Chinese CD shelters are like? I know the Ruskies are building something gigantic in their eastern mountains. And the Chinese are planning to use their subway tunnels. Amerikwans have got hope and the homie.

Brian in Nebraska said...

I worked for student housing
at the Univ. of Nebr. in the
late 80's. The secretary at the
maintenance desk had a dish of
candy always present at the
help window. Just bland
hard candy, but I always grabbed
one at coffee break. One day
I asked her where they came from, and
she laughed as she opened the
cupboard and pulled a gallon
tin box with the CD logo on it.
It was dated 1964, and was found
(with many others) in a storage
room that was designated the
'bomb shelter' back then.

I stopped by last summer to
visit some friends that still
work there. The candy dish
is still present, and the
students still gladly
take the 45 year old candy!