Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Barry Soetoro (Kenyan Native Birthname) Destroys United States In Just Under 90 Days

The crushing iron hand of the Anti-Christ comes down on the damned idiots who voted for him

George Bush Jr. Only A Million Times Worse

Tyranny descends like lightning on the 'Kwa in the wake of the beast

The government is more interested in oppressing it's own people internally than it is in defending itself from external aggression - a sure marker of the final decline stage of a civilization.

Obama is just another bloody handed sodomite dealer in death and destruction like all the other children of perdition.

With their lips dripping with honey sweet speech of truth and justice and fairness the sociopaths advance in their march through the institutions until they destroy everything good and true and beautiful they touch. Their contact is cancer to all things and the whole world shrivels away into ashes underneath the soles of their feet. Like bleached white tombs of dead men with nothing but corruption and noxious vapors within.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

trueaim said...

Don't those anti-christ fools know that they are up against the 'fourth man'!

zwick said...

I've been thru Tenn. DOT truck "safety" checks many times and what an experience THAT is. Rude, arrogant and dumb cannot begin to describe the state and federal A-Holes. They treat you as if that day is your first day at Dachau with you playing the prisoner and them gleefully and smugly playing the SS. I'm not kidding. there are many states who act like that, CA,OR,IL,MI,TX,UT, and (of course) CT-"the Constitution state"...yeah right. I've been out of trucking for several years, but I still chat with friends who still drive. All of those trucker friends of mine have been driving for 25-40 years and are sick over what's happening and can't wait to retire. We feel that our harassment is "training" and a prelude to what's coming down the road for all. I work at a job paying half of what I made when I was on the road and never miss that life. Except of course now there are constant DUI, seatbelt, and safety checks for the car sheeple. Wait till those activities are intensified and hear the sheeple cry. Of course, as the world continues to spiral down to Hell, the sheep will have other things more important to cry about.