Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Anti-Federalists Were Right 200 Years Ago

Centralized government invariably becomes corrupt and grows to oppress the people unfortunate to live under it because of the basic nature of mankind. There is no way to change this, no communism or socialism or marxism that can ever circumvent this fact, no matter how solipsist the arguments put forward for it's virtues. Nationalism that is not simply an extension of a Federal Union with power entrusted in the States will always decline into tyranny.

By the way, read the letters written by common men two centuries ago to get a good idea of what incredible morons that modern "people" are in comparison. It's purely a gesture of generosity to describe moderns as "human," because most of them lack nearly all the key markers that differentiate men from beasts. They can't read, write, speak or think ... don't we have some sort of cut-off score where we have to reclassify them as something else? You could just call them Kwanzanians the way I do. I'm working on species nomenclature for the other fallen four : Canada, Australia, Europe and Iceland. How about "Hosanimals" for the Canadian breed, "Snowboons" for Iceland, "Yobatangs" for Australians and "Pommachimps" for Europe? This would allow naturalists in coming years to assign them to species divisions to distinguish them from the old world monkey family and Homo Sapiens in an authentic final solution for the missing link in man's evolution.


CadorBolin said...

CO2 is good for plants:

Does it really make sense to sequester all of that CO2 underground?

Anonymous said...

Really good story. Long, but worth it.

PrateekSanjay said...

This is a very good find, but it really baffled me to know that those who support a decentralised government are called Anti-Federalists and those who support a centralised one are Federalists. It's virtually doublethink in action: somehow the best federal government is a centralised one? Yikes!

You know, TexasArcane, I have wondered how people maintain a strong faith in ideas of a centralised government, fiat currency, and a complicated tax structure, and yet quickly dismiss the ideas of Austrian Economics and liberty, even though so many legitimate economists in this very era still caution us to understand what men like Mises and Franklin proved so long ago.

How do people dismiss researched facts of learned economists and yet quickly embrace things like global warming?