Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where The 'Kwa Is Going, It Won't Be Coming Back From ... Ever

Russia says Vault-Co was right, everybody else just living in a sweet wish-a-day dreamworld. It's fun to see Kwanzanies baffled at why anybody would say this and sneering at the notion they could be anything but invulnerable, immortal and co-equals to god himself. It's fun because it will be that much funnier when they are sneering out the other side of their face during the next few years. They are basically assklowns put on the Earth by God for his personal amusement.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.
- Psalm 2:4 KJV

'Kwa dollar approaches parity with old free community newspapers

Poor morons thought they were "free" - what does that word mean to a Kwan, who is functionally illiterate and thinks North Korea and Australia share a border? ... but they are "free" now, insist poor halfwits

Kwazy Kwanzanomics fail miserably, Kwanzanians vow to ignore feedback from reality and keep marching in the wrong direction onto a live minefield.

Russians agree with previous Vault-Co post : Nobody "accidentally" collides in outer space just by sheerest chance.

Gerald Celente warns entire nation will shortly be hauled to knackers and melted down for glue.

How long before Uncle Sam is absolutely bankrupt? A few more months at the outside.

Kwanzanies indulge in wild speculation - like the crazy conspiracy theory that they will someday "recover"

Chief-jobless-crackhead-in-charge to face threats over and above cleaning residue out of pipe with wire hanger and finding appropriate pill bottle to hold his rock ...

Nuclear threat to a nakedly defenseless nation

Flu Pandemic would have 'Kwans eating babies in under a week with collapse of supply chain for food

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