Wednesday, March 11, 2009

VAULT-OS : OWFS (One-Wire "File System!")

I got this working! Plug in a new sensor, a C# Windows Service running in the background activates a GUI to let the user define the sensor and describe it's properties and controllers!! You can run a realtime program in the background that presents the I2C network as if it were a server directory!

This is as close as anybody in the world could get to plug'n'play for sensors and controllers in a SCADA system with many, many connections. If you get the master hub like I got off of Hobby Boards, you can run all your lines with RJ-12 cabling and hook up as many sensors of differing types or control relays as you might possibly desire.

So this necessitates another change to my existing code. I have to assume the I2C network is "always there" on the ethernet and any devices that are awake can run as the master and access the I2c "file server" without necessarily running I2C protocols of any kind on their own! This is actually way simpler than what I had. Still learning about this technology but I think I am improving by leaps and bounds.

At least one computer will always remain on running this OWFS - the "Sentry" - and it will issue Wake-On-Lan to all other computers if the situation changes ... like somebody entering the shelter. Otherwise it will run things like the climate controller and power manager at all times until it is relieved of duty by ThinkBoy coming on line. By the way, Thinkboy is starting to look Uber-Awesome. I am hacking the hell out of it's internals and it is all starting to come together perfectly. There will be pictures coming after a little more development and debugging.


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Anonymous said...

So is this all still going to be open-source? (If so please use plenty of comments ;) )


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