Sunday, March 29, 2009

Unelected Brussels Bureaucrats Milk Machine

They differ from former lords and barons ... how? I don't see any difference at all. It's a bunch of sociopaths sitting on top of a feudal system. Every detail is identical. Soon they will have the right to deflower maidens on their wedding nights.

All these bureaucrats are going to save the world. They're obsessed with that messianic utopian insanity, just like nuts throughout the history of the world. They're always "saving the world." If I was screening psychiatric patients, the second they uttered that phrase I'd lunge across the table and drive a syringe filled with lithium directly into the middle of their foreheads. All madmen are smitten by that phrase. These people can't even make correct change for a dollar. They never started a business or created a job in their entire lives. But they are going to save the world. They should start with themselves because they are screwed up people.

Relax, the foxes are in charge of the henhouse.

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