Friday, March 13, 2009

They Can't Wait To Start World War III

US warships head for South China Sea after standoff

Yes, itz primed in the South Seas

If the hammer drops tomorrow, are you within distance of reaching your vault before you see missile contrails overhead? Something to think about right now. Most 'Kwanzanies have not given it any thought in quite a while.

I thought they were going on about all that a bit much. There's the cover story and then there is the real story. These idiots think the Pentagon and a new defense budget can save the 'Kwa. Alas, nothing can save the 'Kwanzana. The dollar and the pound will soon reach parity with birdcage liners, World War III is the only option they have left.

China says there is no room for two tigers on the mountain. Somebody has to die. It is the natural way for chimpmanzees to resolve their differences. It would be great if mankind was one way, unfortunately they aren't, they're another way.

The Russian Doomsday Machine Has Been Waiting For Thirty Years For The Trigger


This is why we have called it the Apocalypse Trifecta since 1998. It's just too many things converging all at the same time.


Anonymous said...

trueaim said...

The 'Kwa may avoid being nuked only because her creditors dont want to destroy their own assets! They may decide to destroy the Dollar instead and just colonize North America, the 'Kwans would make a good ready made slave force. Australia likely to face a similar fate.

Alex S said...

So Obama wants to move attention away from military issues and back to economics? Well that shows a shrewd understanding of Chinese strategy over the past few thousand years.

Anonymous said...

there are no such things as nuclear weapons, dipshit

Anonymous said...

No need to invade Nth America and enslave it. Just lend them money at cheap rates, to buy stuff they don't need and then slowly jack up the rates.

With easy/cheap credit you can easily enslave a democratic nation and you don't need to spend trillions on invasions and occupations.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 12:56

You must be from or similar venue for bright young men of various persuasions.