Monday, March 16, 2009

Nation Wrecking Machine Runs Out Of Juice

Silver was one of those tireless workers in the background of Hollywood who always had a new scheme to destroy something, either with propaganda or outright with cash. He was a destroyer and now he has returned to the place where destroyers go when they die.

Silver often played sociopaths, so often in fact you cannot help but wonder if it was simply the easiest turn as an "actor" for him to manage. It's interesting to note that ultimately Ron had no affiliation with either of the puppet parties - he was always interested in what could hurt the United States the most, whoever was wielding the hammer.

He was a bad, bad person. He was the money man that propelled many a power brokered pawn into politics behind the scenes and he never saw a subversive cause he could not find donations for. Although his finances came from Hollywood his was one of the silent hands that moves behind the scenes that really determines who is and isn't acceptable to run in politics. Silver often worked relentlessly with agitprop and innuendo to short circuit people like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan before their campaigns could even get off the ground.

The good that men do is quickly forgotten but their evil lives on. Ron Silver was a bad person who has shuffled off the mortal coil but it is likely the raw amounts of damage he did to the United States will last for centuries afterwards.

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zwick said...

I remember that asswipe. He was in a slew of B movies. A real fast talking slickyboy. Good riddance. His death at 62 is surprising in that usually a bastard like ronboy lives to be 90.