Saturday, March 21, 2009

Marxists Have Conquered The 'Kwa From Within

They could not have done it from the outside. Only treason from within could have destroyed the greatest nation of them all. They operated from the shadows until the day came when they could emerge and operate openly. The former United States is utterly in their power. They control every single inch of it.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

I'm really suspicious about the Glenn Beck types. Look what he tried to pull on this woman here:

I find it really strange that these types have been so supportive of Bush's policies, which were similar in substance, but act like Obama enacting similar policies is pure evil. Of course, both presidents' policies were evil, but I must wonder about the switcharoos that occur with these political groups.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tex, I know you from a certain survivalist forum. Could you recommend any books you have used to aid in the construction of your vault?

Texas Arcane said...

Glenn Beck is the best fake opposition that money can buy.

If you see somebody get their own show on Fox News who pretends to be opposing the regime, you can rest assured they get their talking points written for them by somebody else.

Glenn Beck needs to look at the signature on the bottom of his paycheck by Rupert Murdoch, a man who recently confessed that "Israel is the only nation I will ever feel real allegiance to."

andyboots37 said...

So true.

The perpetual feigned disgust and indignation of Lou Dobbs is good theater too.

Can you see Ted Turner watching the broadcast going,


CadorBolin said...

If you want any conservative ideas or politicians to get any traction (ie: good press), the proponents have to appeal to hardcore Zionists.

Recently, Canada's 'conservative' government (one that is less pro-gun control than the 'liberals') barred George Galloway from entering the country on the grounds that he makes hateful statements. This action received praise from the ADL, bnai brith and other jewish groups. What hateful things did he ever do? He hympathizes with the Palestinians.