Thursday, March 19, 2009

Madhouse Asylum Governments Run By Psychotics Across The Globe

Massive widespread violations of the U.S. Constitution abound on every hand in America, gratis Barky's Zimbabwe-style crackhead commandos.

Russia promises itz coming soon

No backdown on Iranian missile transfer

Australia planning hardcore radical far left censorship characteristic of Bolshevist government in 1920's Russia

Baghdad destroyed to save it ... why'd they go in here again? I'm still waiting.

Circumventing the 2nd Amendment with clever legislation - bring the Founding Fathers forward in a time machine, they'd tell you exactly what to do with all that brass.

When men remove God as the number one authority in their lives, the State will step in and become their God. Only a real bonafide atheist like me can be trusted on this subject ... people will believe in something ... it can be a carpenter's son who died for the sins of the world ... or a socialist State based on paper currency ... the only thing more absurd than the former is the latter. If you think Christianity is nuts, just wait and watch to see what rushes into the vacuum left behind when you take it away. Ordinary people are stupid. That is not going to change. They can be deluded in a way that fosters the rule of law and a homogeneous safe civilization or they can be deluded by bizarro tales of creepy new age pseudo-scientists who describe a secular utopia driven by "altruism." When ordinary people claim they've outgrown Christian faith and have migrated to the latter, you better believe it ... they have truly gone rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth mad dog insane.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

I am agnostic, but I can assure you that I do NOT worship the state!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, I've linked a blog from a local radio station in Seattle that has put a basic civics lesson from the birch society on its site. The lesson is remedial for this site but I thought you might be interested in the 'comments' as it strongly reinforces your stance that America is lost.