Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lone Shooters Support Gun Control

First the concerned governments draft the gun legislation and print it out in big cartons, ready to serve up to politicians.

Then, always a few weeks thereafter the mass shootings occur.

Once is a coincidence. 30+ times since 1992 is just a little too convenient. Clinton was getting a week's lead time on every single piece of legislation he authored to confiscate guns, throughout his entire term. Martin Bryant struck right after the draconian laws for Australia were hot off the printing press. These isolated killers appear to have a central agency that cues them when to conduct their attacks. First let us write the law down "in response" to your "random" act, then we'll schedule you to commit it.

Why is the chicken before the egg in this story? I can't understand it.

Obama has been assembling a gun grabber dream team for six months

These nuts must be big advocates of disarming law abiding people, they seem to coordinate their attacks to coincide with the planned introduction of these laws

Europe's unelected officials (rulers) were talking about the need to strip the last guns from private hands all through January and February ... and here we are - another tailor made crisis to trigger a "response."

I'll bet if I had the money and resources, I could go around all day long finding and provoking unstable fruitcakes to commit these kinds of acts and I could control when they acted, too. It doesn't take much money to accomplish just about anything. I can see their handlers sitting with them in the donut shop in the morning as clear as a bell in my mind's eye. "It's not you that's the problem! You're more than justified in what you may find you have to do. I think we can both agree it is about time you stepped up to the plate and show the world you mean business. After our meeting this morning I want you to check our secret drop in the park, I left something special for you there. I think you're going to like it. Remember, we discussed the coming weekend as the best time to carry something like this to it's natural conclusion. I'm proud of you for finally refusing to take it anymore. I'm your friend, buddy, you know that."

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