Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Lights Are Going Out All Over The West

A return will set in of the re-active pressure of nature upon mankind. Mankind will again be restive under it. . . . But woe to that people which has not men that will stand up and fight without flinching. Those countries where the moral decay shall have gone deepest, where the proved stock shall have died out and given way to poor stock, where the great effeminization of men shall have taken place (for the masculinization of women will be no compensation), where the strong and the wise and the shrewd shall gain no more of wealth, power, and influence than the weak, silly, and incompetent, all being equal,—those will go to the wall. And when this fate shall have overtaken most of our western white men’s countries, our cycle of civilization will be completed.

Correa Moylan Walsh (1917)


CadorBolin said...

This is what happens when you change the demographics of a country from 90% white to 60%:

The kwa is a corpse

If you want a first world country, you need first world people who can build the first world infrastructure. These poor immigrants were in the 'kwa to do the jobs that kwans didn't want to do. I can imagine that a lot of unemployed white kwans are now taking these menial jobs as well increasing the competition even more. Or people just figure out how to do their own drywall.

I wonder how long it will take for these unemployed Guatemalans to turn violent? Guatemalans are actually an illegal alien problem in Mexico, with that country hypocritically turning them away from their southern border while whining and complaining about US border issues.

Anonymous said...


All men to be measured by their own worth and toil. Leave your posturing greedy spiteful ego driven fantasies at the door, no metrosexual girly men are gonna prance out of this place.