Friday, March 6, 2009

The 'Kwa No Longer Actually Exists Except in the Whacky World Inside The Brain of Televitz Executives.

There is no Amerikwa. It's gone. Any information you hear to the contrary is smoke blowing out the piehole of a talking head on the televitzer. All this is nothing but a dream world sustained by fairy floss and slick graphics on Fox News. There ain't no economy left and there ain't gonna be no recovery. Nations this sick don't get better. They curl up and die. There's no guarantees given to the sons of men on anything and countries can only trade on their name and brand recognition for so long before people see they're hollow Luftmensch and paper tigers without a dime to their name.

Reality Check. The next time you see the Smurfs will probably be when they pull a drive-by on your home with Gargamel as the trigger man. There ain't no rainbow ponies coming to your house to give you a job in the globalist economic paradise and top you off with a cupful of stardust and moonbeams. The bank will be coming to your house to demolish it and use the concrete debris to build an anti-personnel wall around their gated community to hold off the starving hordes of machete-wielding diversifiers and protect them against molotov cocktail assaults. If you put up much of a fuss about it you will be marched at gunpoint onto a boxcar and transported to a suitable rehabilitation camp and put to work sewing together tire rubber sandals for the third world at .8 cents an hour pay and one bowl of rice a week. Fresh water and clean sheets will be a luxury item for women willing to work in the Reconquista Comfort Camp servicing 700 enrichers a day with group discount packages.

Face it. YOU GOT LIED TO. IT WAS ALL A DREAM AND NOW YOU GOTTA WAKE UP. The consumer unit fantasy planet party is officially over.

You wouldn't listen when it could still make a difference, Amerikwans and let's be honest after all ... you had a chance to elect Ron Paul or Alan Keyes, so it's not like you weren't offered better options at some point. You chose to keep pedaling your bike for the edge of the cliff and pray that "E.T." (Extra-Testicle) Barack Obama was going to make it fly when the time came. NO SUCH LUCK, IT APPEARS.

Nations run by crooks only have one option left when they screw up this badly and here it is.


Anonymous said...

I can't agree with your assertion that the poor yanks had the option of electing Ron Paul. The voters get to play their part in the pantomime but ultimately decide nothing at all. Obumboy was installed, and must now play out his role.

Time for speculation has long since passed, it's coming and can't be stopped. Fix the garden and buy up anything you might need while your currency still has its devotees.

sumptos devil s advocate said...

Look here:

Why is this appearing on TV all of a sudden? Getting ready to fish out the useful idiots in a war, while you get the people with a true lack of principle in power, as that one Soviet defect mentioned?

I get the sense that there is a lot of egging on for war in this country on the conservative side, but I can't say that their purpose would necessarily be good. I think this might be what Tom Chittum and you have mentioned about certain organizations getting a civil war in the United States going to weaken it, so they can come in and establish a world government. It sounds crazy, but I am wondering if this scenario is playing out now.