Sunday, March 22, 2009

Insect Swarms A Certainty In Disunited States

Bats are one of the largest silent controls on insect populations, particularly mosquitoes. A bat die-off means a boom in contagious diseases spread by insects.

The Apocalypse Trifecta. A three way convergence of the most destructive failures in the natural world, political world and spiritual world at the same time.

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zwick said...

I live in CT, other wise known as Apocalypse Central. The bats are dying, the frogs are gone,bird species are dying out,several types of trees are doomed, we have both chris dodd and joe libermann (the senator from Israel) "representing" us,and a multitude of failing cities and towns (like all of them). If all that weren't enough, CT hosts Pratt&whitney aircraft, Sikorsky Aviation, Electric boat (they make nuclear subs), the New London sub base, General Electric (aviation weapons), Koman Aerospace (military contractor) and me. Little ol me:) This state will be a veritable sea of fused green glass in a major war. I'm just a glutton for punishment,I guess.