Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Illuminati Scumbags Up To Their Usual Crap

You know that conspiracy talk for the past thirty years about them wanting to print their own global currency, probably during some manufactured crisis they created deliberately? Well, it turns out that the paranoid tinfoil helmets were right and everybody getting their paradigm from televitz was wrong.

Rockefeller expresses his displeasure with the Internet and the free flow of information, which he would like to put a stop to as soon as possible.

The key tenet of globowarmthinkery and globalism is genocide by justification. The Illuminati want us to believe it's our duty to die to "save the planet." From what?!?!? ... is never really made all that clear.

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Astro said...

Ah yes, you too can make the ultimate sacrifice for your country and family! They could run it like an army campaign, die for the future, full honors of course. Just think how proud your children will be (if you've had a chance to have any of course) when they get the heroic medals in your name. "My daddy died so we could live in a green world!". Perhaps PETA can kick it off with a demonstration of how much they really care for animals - by removing their influence permanently. Next some of the more rabid green groups and the people in charge of this plan, leading by example.
But then, the ad campaign won't be cheap, neither will the medals or the invariable ticket-tape parades (and won't the honorably dead be turning in their graves over that one!). Cheaper perhaps just to release bird flu or whatnot.