Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go Back To Kenya You Bum

Barky is a native born Kenyan citizen. Anybody who hasn't figured this out by now is either braindead or in the early throes of dementia.

Do you really think he flubbed his oath of office by accident? Listen, I'm the Pope. Send me money.


trueaim said...

A homosexual crackhead mongrel named Barry Soetoro without any positive I.D is President of the United States of America! How much further can the 'Kwa's degenerate into farce and absurdity? Well one thing I have learned is never underestimate the stupity, cowardness and selfishness of human beings and their lack of reason in the face of impending disaster. If anybody thinks things are bad now, just wait, it will get much worse.

CadorBolin said...

The 'kwa gets the government it deserves.

Everybody was saying that Obama was never going to be President but I knew otherwise (not Vault-Co's greatest moment when he said that Hillary was going to beat him in the primaries).

Obama got elected by white self-loathing liberals--or gadflys who decided that it be better to have a black Democrat in office so that the pitchforks come for him instead of a white Republican when the manure finally hits the fan.

In retrospect, it would have been much better if 60,000 votes in Ohio had flipped in Kerry's favor in 2004 and he'd be in President for the past 4 years. On the bright side, the economic SHTF only really started to happen in the last months of Bush's Presidency. The Great Depression peaked in 1932 when the Republicans were sent into political oblivion for an entire generation--the worst is yet to come for this 'great recession' (the media has already started to use that phrase).

All for naught anyway. I'm still thinking in terms of long term politics whereas I have a sinking feeling that 2010 is when everything will come to a head--forget 2012.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely racist commentary, it should desist...this is what has divided us for so long as a black woman who hopes that a post-racial society is possible in this country and in this world....this saddens me, please wake up your humanity and your soul...this is derogatory and no one deserves these hurtful labels you have ascribed to Obama and to other minorities of this can criticize him if you want, but do it respectfully...not with terms like "Barky" or "Homosexual (which is an offensive term) crackhead (also offensive) mongrel (also offensive)"...Would you want someone to demean you it that way? I implore you to take responsibility for the impact your negative words are creating and adding to the divisions that exist in this country and in this world, the people you are encouraging to also be hateful...I implore you wake up your humanity and love for your fellow human not dehumanize them...

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful?! We are taking over!! We the believers, we the lovers, we the unifiers, we the white and the black and rainbow colored, we the gays and the straights, we who come from all over the globe and from so many faiths, we who believe in God and beauty and humanity, we are taking over. Hatred and bigotry will soon run its course.

You can jump on board anytime.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might get a good chuckle from this.

When England has it's next big war, I wonder if squads of "The Advertising Standards Authority" will be at the front, poo-pooing gun violence and instead, using temperate language to stop the enemy.
With such forward thinking, any remaining Brits with half a brain, are well and truly screwed.


Texas Arcane said...

Anon 12:30 PM

I can almost smell that secular paradise you're talking about right now. It's got a whiff of cordite and burning baby meat mixed in with rivers of blood and the fresh minty taste of radioactive cobalt-60. I cannot wait to see how the latest "heaven-on-earth" created by secular marxists turns out this time.

CadorBolin said...

I think Anonymous is being facetious, I found those posts to be hilarious.

Must be one of the regulars here yanking our chains.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out, that Obama is only president in nama. The real president's are the Rockefellers, Bush-family, Monsanto, The Masonians, the Free Masons, Skull's and Bones and 13 very old blood-lines.
Obama is a PUPPET.
I have proof of all this: and

Anonymous said...

Okay, can we get the facts right? I don't know anything about citizenship, but I heard the presidential oath of office administered, and the person who screwed it up was the chief justice. You could almost see Obama thinking, "that's not how it goes - do I say what I'm supposed to say, or follow the knuckleheaded judge?" Roberts really embarrassed himself.