Thursday, March 5, 2009

GlobamaWarmthinkery As Credible As Witchcraft And Crop Circles


Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong again you got it wrong moron you got it all wrong you cannot see it but you're wrong in the morning and wrong in the evening you'll be wrong when you're coming and wrong when you're going so go back to your birth during labor pains and do it all over again from scratch because you got it ALL wrong you got that Dark Age peasant inside of you and if you are not one man's fool then you'll be the next the inside of your brain is a kitty litter basket where media folks drop their pants and crap wherever they please leaving you with what you think are YOUR CONVICTIONS.

Oh my so wrong and wrong. You are a blank slate upon which media owners paint thought graffiti like a hood junkie ruins the fences at the subway. Your brain is public property and people park abandoned cars there and have fights with water balloons and when it is over they pop their flys and have a long piss against the inside of your cerebellum and you scream out EUREKA I JUST HAD ME A HEAD MOVIE whoohawhaw. You think these thoughts are your own but the interior of your head is common grounds and everyone throws garbage and vegetable scraps onto it in what can only be described as a


Anonymous said...

Tex,check it out.Ever get invited to someones place for dinner and realise you left the wine at home and then you have to go to the bottleshop but all they have is passion-pop ?

Chris from Sydney

trueaim said...

What I would like to see next on the televitzian is a globowarmthinkery research party of bureaucrats get attacked and eaten by a couple of large Polar Bears. It would be so appropriate and fitting.

TGGP said...

I think all this blogging and preparing for the apocalypse is taking away productivity from what is really necessary: Grimoire.