Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fox News : ITZ COMING!!!!!!!

This is essentially a naked concession that the nation is doomed and Fox News reveals it is more concerned with the interests of the elite than the people who actually live there.

Shocking, shocking stuff. Fox News is so slimy you never know when they'll switch gears and call something legitimate they've been bashing as madness for the past ten years.

These people they are calling "Bubbas" are in fact the heart and soul of the United States. These are the last sane people, the kinds of citizens that Jefferson mentioned as the only people who could be counted on when the urban areas had gone mad. If you despise them then you don't belong on American soil, you need to go live in one of those marxist toilets somewhere else.

You remember those non-existent paranoid stories about FEMA concentration camps being constructed over the past twenty years? Well, Fox now just casually concedes they all exist. Oh, right! THOSE CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Right!

The U.K. is about to come unhinged altogether

Watch for a lot of fires coming in the summer of rage '09 in Britain. After all, they're going to be freezing in the winters from now on as the new Ice Age begins.

Vault-Co was right about this stuff. We were right about a lot of stuff. Some of it was wrong but a lot of predictions made on this site were dead center bullseyes many years in advance. We can't promise any other predictions you read on here will be correct but we can promise you we will always be more accurate than anything you hear on the televitz.


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Anonymous said...

7 minutes 55 seconds.Did you notice Glenn Beck start flashing the sign of the devil (bhuddic mudra of protection)after he asks how to diffuse the situation and he gets told it shouldn't be diffused.I've that sign flashed by more zog puppets in the the last 2 years then I ever saw at a Rock concert !! Something unholy comes this way.
It was funny watching him freak out by the way.He wasn't expecting that.
Chris from Sydney

Alex S said...

Where can I buy an "I'm Bubba" T-Shirt?