Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fox News Admits It : We Use The Skulls Of Our Viewers As Our Personal Chamber Pots To Relieve Ourselves

Murdoch's Newspeak factory brags openly that they have successfully colonized the minds of their viewers and know more about their "opinions" than they do - because they put them there.

Here the concern was not with reporting about anything from the real world, rather putting a false memory into the human brain which would be mistaken for reality.

"The subtext is made subconscious. At no time does the mark know he is receiving an implanted idea. The strength of the method comes from it's secrecy in application."
- Hunter S. Thompson


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that most people think that only the German Nazi Party and the Communists use propaganda.

Nah. I change my mind. It's not sad. Pathetic is a more apt description.

CadorBolin said...

Fox TV shows promote extreme liberal viewpoints (Family Guy, Simpsons) while Fox News pushes the fake opposition neoconservative propaganda--even when Republicans help on to it to electoral suicide in 2008.